Best 1337x Proxy Website Lists For 2022 And 2023

1337x Proxy

1337x Proxy Torrent sites are a treasure trove of stuff, whether it’s movies, TV episodes, software, or games. While their existence is questionable, the law enforcement copyright crackdown on prominent torrent sites has been severe in recent years. 1337x, a major torrenting site was also hit hard, as it was blocked by ISPs and authorities in various countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. As a result, various 1337x proxy sites and solutions that you may utilize to unblock 1337x have developed.

With the use of a VPN service, you may still utilize 1337x proxy sites and mirror sites to access the website even if it is geo-blocked. For torrent file downloads, there are various 1337x alternatives and other torrent sites. If you have any problems, below is a list of 1337x proxy sites that you may utilize. The 1337x proxy sites listed below were hand-picked and were operational at the time of publishing.

What is a Proxy?

A Proxy is a service that acts as an intermediary on the internet, routing your requests through a tunnel without the interference of your ISP or local authorities and returning the requested web page, even if it is prohibited in your country.

Proxy sites link you to the webpage via many subdomains, allowing you to easily reach the desired URL.

1337x Proxy WebSites 2022 [100% Working]

Working Proxy List For 1337x

1337x Proxy 1
1337x Proxy 2
1337x Proxy 3
1337x Proxy 4
1337x Proxy 5
1337x Proxy 6
1337x Proxy 7
1337x Proxy 8

1337x Mirror Proxy Sites 2022 & 2023

Mirror Sites For 1337x
1337x Mirror Site 1
1337x Mirror Site 2
1337x Mirror Site 3
1337x Mirror Site 4
1337x Mirror Site 5

When you are unable to access the actual 1337x website, you can visit one of multiple 1337x mirror sites. We’ve gathered this list of mirror sites to assist you in unblocking 1337x if your ISP has blocked it in your region.

Alternatives to 1337x Proxy Torrent 2023

If the aforementioned 1337x proxy and mirror sites are not functioning properly, you may try some of the 1337x torrent alternatives, which include some of the greatest torrent sites for downloading movies, games, applications, and software. These 1337x alternatives are easily available through the internet; but, to keep your connection anonymous, we recommend using a VPN.

The Pirate Bay – Best 1337x Alternative

1337x Proxy

The Pirate Bay is self-explanatory. It is a well-known torrent site where you may download files using Peer-to-Peer technology. The website includes a large collection of torrents from many genres, such as audio, video, software, games, and others. If The Pirate Bay is unavailable in your area, we have gathered a list of Pirate Bay Proxy sites that you may use.

Kickass Torrents – Popular Alternative to 1337x Torrent

Kickass torrent is one of the most popular torrent sites in the world, and it has received some investigation from law enforcement authorities. However, torrent site supporters have often managed to find a functional domain for Kickass Torrent. Despite their attempts, if you are unable to access the website, below are some Kickass proxy and mirror sites to which you can refer.

ExtraTorrent – The Most Comprehensive 1337x Alternative

ExtraTorrent appears on the list of websites that have suffered at the hands of authorities and law enforcement. If the 1337x proxy sites are not working or are down for whatever reason, you can use this option. The torrent site contains a large variety of torrent files of many genres. Another reason for its appeal in the torrent realm is its user-friendly interface.

Rarbg – A torrent site to use when is unavailable.

Rarbg torrent search engine is popular among torrent enthusiasts due to its simple user interface and a large number of torrents available on the website, as well as a large number of leechers and seeders. We recommend using this 1337x torrent alternative if the above-mentioned websites are unavailable for any reason.

Yify – The best 1337x substitute for movies

If you utilized 1337x for movies and are now unable to access it for unclear reasons, here’s an option. YTS Movies is a well-known torrent website. In fact, this website has a section where you can watch trailers for the most recent Hollywood films. For movie fans, YTS is the ideal 1337x torrent alternative.


1337x Proxy

LimeTorrents is a fairly cool torrenting website with a lot of stuff. One of the nicest features is how simple it is to browse and the search option, which guarantees that you’ll get precisely what you’re looking for. Because torrents include a list of trackers, you won’t have to look for them separately to speed up your torrent downloads.

Use a VPN to Access 1337x Sites

If you’re trying to unblock 1337x through proxy sites, we recommend using a VPN. This is because the 1337x torrent site includes certain copyrighted content that might lead to legal issues. The good news is that strong VPN services are getting more affordable, and some of the finest low-cost VPNs are SurfsharkVPN, Private Internet Access, NordVPN, and others. Another advantage of utilizing a VPN is that it protects your connection from any dangerous threats that may be hidden behind these proxy sites.

When you use a VPN with 1337x proxy sites, your original IP address is hidden, protecting you from any potential risk. However, in order to avoid legal trouble, we strongly advise you to avoid copyright infringement.

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The Onion Router

The Onion Router is one of the greatest ways to access geo-blocked material. In the article “What is the Onion Router and Network?” we go over all there is to know about it and what it accomplishes. One disadvantage of the Onion network is that it takes a long time to respond to user queries since they bounce off various servers and machines on the network.

To utilize it, download the official Tor Browser from here or use alternative browsers that have Tor integrated into it, such as the Brave browser.


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