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Ajagajantharam appears to be solely a stunt movie, with only the tiniest sliver of a plot keeping the action sequences together. A flimsy plot with a lot of combat scenes.

Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5


At a temple celebration, a mahout, who is always looking for a fight, gets into an altercation with the young men there.


The good news is that there are no female characters in Ajagajantharam. So there’s no use in criticising them in what is essentially a testosterone-fueled stunt show. Now, action movies aren’t always awful. Flicks with a fascinating tale and characters we love and love to despise, such as Mad Max: Fury Road or several Bond films, among many others, are regarded cult classics because they have a riveting storey and characters we love and love to hate.

Here is the official trailer for Tinu Pappachan’s Malayalam film Ajagajantharam, which was produced by Emmanuel Joseph and Ajith Thalapilly.

In Ajagajantharam, Antony Varghese portrays Lali, a troublesome mahout who, in addition to having anger management difficulties, has a hard time understanding limits, whether it’s at a wedding celebration with a dear friend and his bride or at a temple festival. He even attacks those battling him during the event with his elephant. At the festival, he finds his equal in the form of a young guy, Arjun Ashokan, who gets urged on by his group when he isn’t feeling hot-headed.

As a result, the first half of the film is devoted to each of their individual bouts – the sort where the tables are turned and the shamiana is brought down – and the second half is devoted to ‘let’s finish him off’-style gigantic, massy antics when these two competitors face up.

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The technical parts of the film are fantastic; Jinto George’s camera work and Shammer Muhammed’s editing work in perfect harmony, while Justin Varghese’s music fits the beat of the film and gives it oomph. The fun with the theatrical company and Sabumon’s portrayal of the local VIP are enjoyable diversions, if a little too familiar.

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The film, created by Kichu Tellus and Vineeth Vishwam, can be viewed as a reflection of what happens during temple festivals – or even a political rally or society itself – with young men unleashing devastating violence on one another. There have been several accounts of this. The problem with Ajagajantharam is that the action is just for the sake of action, and the protagonists are vile. There is an attempt to glorify this as “fire in young men’s viens,” and Lali, having won the battle, rides out like a hero, and there isn’t even a sliver of a tale connecting the combat sequences together. Antony and Arjun, the young performers, do a good job, but the side characters appear to bring more enjoyment to the proceedings.

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Tinu Pappachan worked as an associate director on Jallikattu and Angamaly Diaries, and he sticks to the same style of filmmaking, with screamed speech, artistic surroundings, and a subversive mentality. It’s your choice whether you want to spend 121 minutes watching guys waste their energies.

The move got leaked on the famous websites like Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Isaimini 2021.

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