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Anek Synopsis

Anek a thriller filled with action sequences that highlights the tensions and paradoxes in the northeast. Also the movie was leaked in 2022.
A disturbing and thought-provoking story from the northeast

Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5

Anek Story

Joshua, a secret operator, is entrusted with creating a circumstance that would compel rebel leader Tiger Sangha to the negotiating table for a long-stalled peace settlement. Will Joshua be successful in his goal, and will true peace be achieved?

Anek Review

Anek, directed by Anubhav Sinha, is a multi-layered story about efforts to reach a peace treaty with a separatist organisation in the northeast, a process that has dragged on for decades. Aman (Ayushmann Khurrana), a clandestine operator who goes by the nickname Joshua, is charged with creating a circumstance that would bring Tiger Sangha (Loitongbam Dorendra), the region’s leading rebel commander, to the negotiating table. Along the process, Aman discovers that things aren’t as black and white as he had assumed, and he finds himself emotionally and professionally torn.

Anek brings you face to face with the undercurrents of prejudice and isolation from’mainland’ India that exist in diverse regions of the northeast via conversational conversations sprinkled throughout the tale. At times, it’s uncomfortably so, but that’s the point of the story. Sinha avoids overt jingoism and heavy-duty, seetimaar lines. What succeeds here is the sensitivity in the interactions and performances, as well as some nuanced writing that captures the spirit of the grey Sinha wanted to portray in the film.

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Anek highlights subtle similarities between the northeast and other sections of the country, particularly Jammu and Kashmir, over the course of its runtime. For example, Abrar Butt, Aman’s boss and a Kashmiri himself, played by Manoj Pahwa, peers out of an aeroplane window while flying to the northeast. “Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast” – The filmmaker gives you a glimpse of the exterior beauty and inner anguish of both places via the window of that jet.

Anek trailer out! Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer highlights insurgency in  North-East India and need for a unified nation - Movies News

The picture is entertaining, although it could have used more screen time. It’s a little sluggish before the interval and then picks up speed after that, and it covers a lot of ground in that time.

With Ayushmann Khurrana, Manoj Pahwa, Andrea Kevichüsa, Kumud Mishra, Loitongbam Dorendra, and JD Chakraverti giving stunning performances, the film leaves the spectator with lots of unpleasant concerns – most notably, what defines an Indian. The production design, visual tone, cinematography, and action sequences, as well as the use of silences, regional dialect, folk melodies, and the background soundtrack, lend themselves effectively to the tale. Anubhav Sinha’s tenure as a sort of conscience-keeper continues with Mulk, Article 15, Thappad, and other films.

It makes you consider equality and justice in terms of religion, caste, gender, and now region

PS: If the names were removed from a map, could you recognise all of the northeastern states?

‘Anek,’ a political action thriller starring Ayushmann Khurrana, suffered a significant decline in box office receipts on its debut Monday. The film made an estimated Rs 50 lakh nett on its fourth day, according to the latest report. The reduction in revenue was projected to be over 70% from the film’s impressive first day collection of Rs 1.75 crore.
On Saturday, the film grossed Rs 2 crore, while on Sunday, it grossed Rs 1.75 crore. With Monday’s earnings, the film’s total is now anticipated to be about Rs 6 crore nett.

According to trade analysts, the film would earn a total of Rs 7.25 crore nett in its first week.
‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ a Hollywood release, has managed to retain a solid hold on the box office on its debut Monday, while the Bollywood picture has encountered a snag. The film grossed roughly Rs 1.75-2 crore nett, which is just 25% less than the Rs 2 crore it made on its opening day.

Despite poor box office receipts, the Tom Cruise movie is likely to enjoy a solid run in India. The picture isn’t doing well in its own country, but the English version is likely to stay running for a few weeks and bring in more money.

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