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‘Antim: The Final Truth’ meets some of the criteria for mass entertainment, including tremendous action and drama (a little too much).

Antim: The Final Truth is a mass-produced attempt to entertain in the old-school Bollywood way.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Antim Story:

The official adaptation of the successful Marathi film ‘Mulshi Pattern,’ ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ is the official adaptation of the hit Marathi film ‘Mulshi Pattern.’ It tells the narrative of Rahul (Aayush Sharma), a small-town kid who grows up to become one of Pune’s most feared land mafias. However, on his way to the top, he makes a lot of new enemies and breaks the law. Who will track him down first: his misdeeds, his past, or the law of the land?

Antim Review:

Director Mahesh Manjrekar sets the tone for a rebellious gangster thriller with his opening scene, in which Rahulya hurries to defend his penniless father Satya (Sachin Khedekar) from an unethical land Mafioso. The same man has also taken over their family’s farmland. As Pune’s most powerful goon Nanya Bhai (Upendra Limaye) takes him under his wing, Rahul quickly transforms from a jobless teenager to a feared mobster. However, there is a snag. Inspector Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan), who understands when and how to utilise intellect and strength to rid the city of all nefarious elements, from rapacious gangsters to power-hungry politicians and gun-wielding gundas.

Antim – The Final Truth Trailer: It's Salman Khan Vs Aayush Sharma! Actors'  Face-Off in This Action Thriller Leaves Us Impressed (Watch Video) | 🎥  LatestLY

It’s the kind of notion that begs to be turned into a big-budget action film. However, this one has more dialogubaazi than dhishoom-dhishoom, which slows down the tale. Thankfully, there is a big storyline surprise in the first half that serves to create and maintain the excitement for the crucial second-half showdown. Manjrekar is mostly set in a Marathi realm, and Karan Rawat’s fascinating cinematography, typified by sweeping wide-angle images showcasing the city’s relentless expansion, skillfully evokes the flavour of rural and metropolitan Maharashtra. This is reinforced by the use of a large number of Marathi actors in key character roles. Despite this, the picture suffers from an overabundance of characters and recurring conflicts, which lengthens the running time. Plus, there are approximately four tracks that sound forced together and devoid of any sense of melody.

Antim The Final Truth trailer: Salman Khan reminds Aayush Sharma he is  'Hindustan ka Bhai' during shirtless fight, watch | Bollywood - Hindustan  Times

Salman Khan reprises his police persona, this time as the courageous Sardar. Salman has no trouble playing a cop, pulling his shirt off and beating the bad guys to a pulp in front of the audience. With his chiselled figure, Aayush Sharma achieves the proper appearance and makes an honest attempt to match Bhai’s vibe. The actor has gone a long way since his debut picture, putting in a lot of effort to portray Rahul’s anguish and glory with authenticity. To some extent, he succeeds, although the overall writing of the picture might have been neater, less melodramatic, and preachier. His chemistry with Mahima Makwana, who plays his love interest Manda, is mediocre at best, and the film’s pacing suffers as a result.

‘Antim: The Final Truth’ meets some of the criteria for mass entertainment, including tremendous action and drama (a little too much). It also brings up the topic of land grabbing by mafia dons, who are able to go outside the law by working hand-in-hand with politicians. So, if you like over-the-top old-school Bollywood flicks with an excess of just about everything, ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ may be just up your alley.

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