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Atrangi Re


Even Dhanush isn’t able to redeem this strange love story.

Atrangi Re Review

Director Aanand L Rai has inflated a beautiful little concept into a manufactured disaster, combined with a distressing representation of mental illness, in an attempt to advance beyond the obvious.

As she cranes her head out of a speeding autorickshaw in the dirty air of Delhi, Rinku Suryavanshi (Sara Ali Khan), a passionate runaway girl from Siwan village in Bihar, proclaims, “I can’t breathe; everything else is okay.” This is precisely the flaw with filmmaker Aanand L Rai’s newest gamble. The constructed love tale nonetheless begs for air, despite its intriguing concept, vast scope, big-ticket performers, and A.R Rahman’s emotional compositions. You can download it on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

There is a lot of hot air about a supposedly sophisticated subject circling around two men and a lady, like Vishwanathan Iyer or just Vishu (Dhanush), a Tamil medical student from a Delhi college who is forcefully married to Rinku — under the influence of laughing gas.

Rinku tells Vishu that her heart beats for a magician named Sajjad Ali Khan (Akshay Kumar), whom no one has ever seen. Vishu has made a commitment to another woman. Both believe it will only be a matter of days until they go their separate ways, but as we all know, in Rai and Himanshu Sharma’s universe, the boy and girl meet under unusual circumstances before cupid strikes. But, as the title implies, things start to become bizarre and absurd here. So much so that one has lost patience by the time it lands on its feet.

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Atrangi Re

The stunning notion is based on mental illness, yet it aims to delve into the heart’s depths. It discusses how females struggle to choose between a lover and a husband. It alludes to how some ladies seek a spouse that resembles their father.

It’s about human frailties and unselfish love. It encourages people to let go of the past and embrace the present. Rinku might be today’s Sita or yesterday’s Sita, depending on how you look at it.

Sara Ali Khan Wraps Atrangi Re With A Heartwarming Note For Akshay Kumar  And Dhanush
Atrangi Re

However, the tale on the surface must function in order for all of these meanings to be revealed. Sharma and Rai falter once more here. In a quest to advance beyond the obvious, they have inflated a lovely little notion into a manufactured disaster, as they did with Zero, their previous excursion at the turnstiles.
The clichés that the screenplay perpetuates about Bihar and South Indians for a few chuckles become all the more obvious with no clear underlying rationale insight. Similarly, its portrayal of mental illness is, to say the least, troubling.

We recognize that love still faces many challenges in the countryside, but it’s difficult to believe that a strong family would not strive to learn the name of the man with whom their daughter is yearning to elope. We recognize that mental illness is still difficult to accept, but it has been employed here only for the sake of advancing a fabricated storyline. It appears that the protagonist’s pal has been taught that he is first and foremost a sidekick, and afterward a psychiatrist!

Atrangi Re - "My Dearest Vishu...": Sara Ali Khan Shares An Appreciation  Post For "Most Supportive Friend" Dhanush
Atrangi Re

Sara Ali Khan throws herself into the role of the cheerful heroine enthusiastically but falters when the material becomes thick and she is supposed to be more than Chaka Chak, her opening number. For no fault of his own, Akshay Kumar’s performance as the elephant-riding magician comes across as a one-trick pony. He’s simply experimented with his image in the wrong automobile.

Vishu, who plays the medical student who becomes the cure, is a ripoff of Dhanush’s character in Raanjhanaa. His basic, unadulterated charisma is impossible to ignore, and it’s his unusual romance with Sara that gives songs like Jaise Ret Zara Si substance. He breathes life into the love tale and is the reason you’ll keep reading even when Rai’s major disclosure becomes more frustrating. But not even he can save this strange perspective on love.

Atrangi Re is now available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar also Tamilrockers Movie Download.

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