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Ek Villain Returns

Ek Villain Returns Synopsis

Ek Villain Returns – Even if you wish things were different, Ek Villain Returns has lots of twists and turns but doesn’t make you root for any of the characters or the tale on an emotional level. The villain makes a comeback, but not without some problems.

Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5

Ek Villain Returns Story:

Love-obsessed Bhairav (John Abraham) struggles to understand Rasika’s (Disha Patani) rejection. Singer Aarvi (Tara Sutaria) is mysteriously and sinisterly kidnapped from her house. There is a tonne of drama and action as her lover Gautam (Arjun Kapoor), who is held responsible for her abrupt disappearance, sets out to find her.

Ek Villain Returns Review:

Aarvi, a rising star singer, has an odd type of relationship with Gautam Mehra, the wealthy and spoilt heir to a business empire. She disappears one night following a weird series of events at her home. Her kabhi-ex-kabhi-current boyfriend Gautam is held accountable. A love-driven action drama begins when Bhairav, a cab driver, circumstantialy enters the scene and links Aarvi, Gautam, and him to a string of killings. The main question in the story is whether Gautam will be able to preserve the life of his ladylove.

The basic plot of the movie by director Mohit Suri is full of surprises up until the very final frame. While handling the story’s non-linear presentation, things on the editing table start to slide. In order to improve the balance between the first and second half of the movie and to make it a more tense and compelling romantic thriller, one wishes this had received much more attention. The writers failed to give all the main characters more weight while pacing and spice-up the conversation and storyline. Even if the characters have flaws and are defective, they are not very likeable or sympathetic.

Additionally, the film’s toxicity toward women might have been eliminated since it detracts from the message the narrative is attempting to convey about love, loss, rejection, and heartbreak. Roles like those created for Shaad Randhawa and J D Chakravarty, as well as the police practises shown in the movie, required significant consideration because they might have given the narrative with much-needed support.

Ek Villain Returns in Tamilrockers Com 2022

The recurrent version of Galliyan, which appears frequently throughout the story, has a calming impact on the events, which are otherwise extremely dramatic throughout the duration of the film.

Given that they play a significant role in the plot of a romantic thriller, one hopes that the other songs on the CD were also as hummable and unforgettable. The CD’s tracks are passable, but they lack the enchantment of Ek Villain’s record, which is already a few years old.

The majority of the performers in their roles appear constrained, and none of the performances in the movie truly stand out. They may have had more room to grow in their individual performances if their personalities had been more fully developed. Even if you wish things were different, Ek Villain Returns has lots of twists and turns but doesn’t make you root for any of the characters or the tale on an emotional level.

Ek Villain Returns opened to almost $7 crore in sales on Friday after its debut. The action-thriller, which also stars John Abraham, Tara Sutaria, and Disha Patani, registered a little uptick in box office receipts on Saturday and brought in approximately 7.5 crore. At the domestic box office, Ek Villain Returns has generated a total of 14.5 crore thus far. In comparison, its precursor, the 2014 movie Ek Villain, had a phenomenal opening weekend gross of $16.5 crore.

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