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This video is worth seeing if you want to learn about the effects of war and traumatic stress on humans. It draws our attention to Lucian-River Chauhan, a brilliant young actor. IN A TAPID ENCOUNTER, RIZ AHMED AND CHILD ACTOR LUCIAN-RIVER CHAUHAN SHINE.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5


When an alien menace in the shape of a comet approaching Earth is announced, a father takes his two boys on a trip to safeguard them from the threat.


Encounter is a tight film with bugs, parasites, mass diseases, unreliable narrator viewpoints, and a captivating performance by Riz Ahmed. However, practically every twist and turn in this road trip mix sci-fi meet family drama makes you wonder. Fathers will go to great lengths to protect their offspring, in this case, their sons.

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The video begins with an unidentified object colliding with Earth’s atmosphere, causing a weird, inexplicable phenomenon in which bugs grow, reproduce, and enter human bloodstreams. A single mosquito bite initiates the growth of a microcosmic insect that takes control of the host and manipulates behaviour. In essence, the individual has lost control.
Malik Khan (Riz Ahmed), a distinguished Marine returning from deployment, begins his day by dousing himself with insect repellant and inspecting his eyes in the glaring torchlight. He’s looking for parasites that have taken up residence in his body. He shows up at his ex-property wife’s in the middle of the night and convinces his boys to join him on a road trip.

Encounter review Riz Ahmeds sci fi thriller is an allegory for Americas  paranoia in 2021

He hasn’t brought any clothing, food, shoes, or even a toothbrush with him. Mallik is a skilled murderer who is armed and aggressive. On his approach to the ‘base,’ where he believes doctors and specialists are working on a cure for the parasite infestation, he comes across various persons and events that confirm his role as his boys’ salvation. The beautiful American scenery contrasts with the horror of a worldwide virus that can destroy civilization and permanently conquer the earth via the eyes of Malik and his unplanned road trip.
Director Michael Pearce and co-writer Joe Barton cram a lot of American realism into the film to show how warped things are. The anti-government American militia known as the 3 Percenters protested in Washington before the recent elections.

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These people appear in the storey to offer excitement and chases, which include intense machine-gun fire in an abandoned desert ghost township. Aside from the Rambo motif, these individuals’ motivations for pursuing revenge and unleashing murder are pitiful. Then there’s the parasite-infected sheriff, who creates yet another chase-worthy predicament. Everyone in the federal government is seeking this PTSD-affected American veteran who has served in the military and has never fully healed from the trauma of war. While these excursions in the narrative are designed to create drama and suspense, they really detract from the film’s speed and effect, leaving you wondering whether this is sci-fi or if it’s all in our protagonist’s brain.

Encounter is primarily about a father and his sons. Lucian-river Chauhan, a young actor, matches Riz Ahmed’s captivating performance beat for beat.

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He is not precocious, never hesitant, and always thorough in expressing his feelings. Aditya Geddada, a young youngster of less than eight years old, has done an outstanding job at simulating the urges and perplexity of a young child. In an over-packed, fast storey, Octavia Spencer, who plays Malik’s parole officer and a real friend to this tortured soldier, brings gravitas and a voice of reason.

When you guess the primary twist in the middle of the film, it falls short of being convincingly written. Predictability stifles the otherwise fast-paced narrative. In essence, it’s a family storey set in the midst of unthinkable circumstances, with a dash of science fiction thrown in for good measure. However, as the storey unfolds, the attempt to write itself out of a genre results in an inconsistent narrative structure. You never identify with the father enough to care about him, which is clearly a flaw in the writing.

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Encounter is a documentary that explores the complexities of American culture. Malik authorises his teenage kid to drive and use a gun as he stumbles and plods through ghost towns, abandoned homes, and frontier settlements. This can encourage aggressive behaviour and responses in children and teens, as the events depicted in the video demonstration.

This video is worth seeing if you want to learn about the effects of war and traumatic stress on humans. It draws our attention to Lucian-River Chauhan, a brilliant young actor. However, despite its high potential, the film’s inconsistent plot disappoints.

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