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Enemy – Two childhood buddies wind up on opposing sides of the moral spectrum and are pitted against one other in a good vs evil battle.

Vishal and Arya feature in a suspenseful thriller that isn’t dull.

Enemy aims to give something unique, despite the fact that there have been numerous Tamil films that deal with friends-turned-foes. It’s always fascinating to witness two diametrically opposed characters engaged in a cat-and-mouse game on film, and it’s worked in this case with two action heroes — Vishal and Arya. With Enemy, director Anand Shankar returns to his comfort zone and delivers a slick action thriller.

The film opens with an ex-CBI officer (Prakash Raj) instructing two young children (his own son and a neighbor’s son) to become proficient at an early age. His ambition is to recruit them into the police force and train them to become effective officers in higher ranks. However, it is clear that these two youngsters would turn against one another, laying the groundwork for the storyline of the film.


Chozhan (Vishal) operates a grocery in Singapore and uses his childhood expertise to assist the Tamil population in his neighborhood. He had no idea that one of the attempts to stop an assassination will lead him to (Arya). The film picks off from here, with both characters reuniting for an epic fight. On paper, the film’s idea about how a kid grows up to be a good or terrible person is intriguing, but the way these contradictions are depicted on screen through the scenarios in the second half appears depressing.

This thriller might have gone a mile further and performed effectively if the build-up to this premise had been new. The love elements don’t contribute much to this fast-paced drama, but Mirnalini Ravi as Ashmitha does an excellent job in the part. She has a good appearance and is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Despite the adrenaline rush that is put up before their face-off, the concept of every encounter between Arya and Vishal turns out to be predictable. Also, when you anticipate their fight to be a battle of brains and intelligence, it just turns into a typical vengeance thriller.


Rajiv as played by Arya looks fantastic and frightening. His character’s fury grips the viewer. His performance may have been one of the finest villain performances if the screenplay had been a little better. Vishal, too, lives up to the hype and does an excellent job in his part.

The background soundtrack by Sam CS is strong and appears to be appropriate for an epic action scenario. The graphics by RD Rajasekhar live up to the expectation, and the cuts (edited by Raymond Derrick Crasta) appear to be fast-paced, making for an engrossing thriller. The stunt scene towards the conclusion is well-executed and deserving of praise.

Enemy would have been a stronger film overall if some of the hackneyed parts had been removed.

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