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Free! The Final Stroke

Free The Final Stroke Synopsis

Free The Final Stroke – You must be familiar with the Free! Series to fully enjoy this movie.
a predictable sports anime

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Free The Final Stroke Story

As Haruka (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki) pushes himself to the brink in order to defeat his personal demons and his unbeatable foe, Albert, the second instalment of the duology attempts to provide closure.

Free The Final Stroke Review

In this young adult novel about elite swimmers, friendship, animosity, competition, love, self-doubt, and athletic clichés come to a very predictable conclusion. Haruka finds it difficult to think on anything but Albert, the leader of his race, and methods to outdo him in glory. The coming-of-age story follows the evolution of relationships and inner conflicts in the midst of unbridled determination to succeed. The sports anime follows a framework that prevents one from learning something new on the creative front, where it is both freeing and predictable. Technically and visually, it succeeds in holding your attention.

PVR’s decision to broadcast only a few episodes of Japanese anime in India is a positive development for anime aficionados. A solo film could be a better option in this situation than one of the latter chapters based on a ten-year-old series loosely based on novels. The movies are a continuation of the third season of the anime Free! This film, like the other ones produced by Kyoto Animation, assumes that you are familiar with the Free! Series. The movie isn’t for you if you aren’t familiar with the franchise, even if a recap will be forthcoming.

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Japanese animation frequently depicts life in a way that is almost spiritual, and it has a certain depth and passion to it. Be it Haruka’s relationship with the ocean or the distance, love, and shifting relationships between friends. Free! The second book of The Final Stroke is only intended for franchise devotees. For this to be a therapeutic watch, the others have too much to catch up on.

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