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Harbhajan Singh plays a Tamil cinema hero in the film ‘Friendship,’ which is a dull watch.

The Harbhajan Singh and Losliya-starrer is packed with college campus scenes, but it barely touches on any of the subject matter.


If you follow former cricketer Harbhajan Singh on social media, you’re aware of his passion for Tamil culture. He’s been tweeting frequently in Tamil, which he seemed to like.

And now, in the Tamil film Friendship, he plays a college campus hero. He portrays a mechanical engineering student who is also a member of the all-boys gang. Anitha (Losliya) enters the scene, grinning and smiling throughout her lessons.

The males are enthralled by the presence of the only girl in the school, but there is no romance. But, as the title implies, there’s a lot of camaraderie, and the entire first half is made up of sequences that were presumably composed on a single piece of paper: college students stroll, college students converse, college students laugh.

Friendship transforms into a new beast just as we anticipated there would be more campus turmoil. A strong politician enters the room. A legal battle starts. What’s going to happen in the end of it all?

Friendship is a dismal watch that has little emphasis on any of its content for us unsuspecting Tamil cinema viewers. This genre-hopping may be fresh to Harbhajan, but for us unknowing Tamil film viewers, Friendship is a dreary watch that has little concentration on any of its subject.


The scenes, directed by John Paul Raj and Sham Surya, are only smart because they usually situate Harbhajan amid a group of pals and don’t get him to say much (the lip sync is terribly off). Even a cricket match, which is thrown in at random while anything else is going on, is badly handled, like a computer game. Harbhajan’s Tamil film debut is far from the crowd-pleasing sixer or stunning fifer that the ace spinner would have hoped for.

The film Friendship is now showing in theatres.

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