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Game of Thrones


Cast of characters

Game of Thrones Unlike most other stories, which include one main character and a few “primary” side characters, Game of Thrones features a large cast of characters, the most of whom are just fantastic. There is no shortage of interesting characters, from the scheming Littlefinger to the secretive and creepily intimidating Varys, from the honourable Starks to the revolting Lannisters, Freys, and Boltons, from the massive Mountain and the Hound to the minuscule, yet vastly brilliant Tyrion, from dragons to white walkers, from Vipers (of Dorne) to the Dothraki horsemen.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

The ensemble cast

Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage are two of my favorite characters in the series.
Apart from them, Lena Headey, Jack Gleeson, and Kit Harrington have all done an excellent job portraying their individual roles.

Main characters dies.

Everyone who hadn’t read the novels was taken aback by Ned Stark’s beheading at the end of Season 1. And now that Season 3 has begun, you can expect several more surprises like this.

There are no main characters in this story.

At the start of the series, everyone assumed Ned was the major character. Then it was assumed to be Danerys, and now it’s Jon and/or Tyrion. The biggest trick played here by “the devil” is the lack of a focal figure.

There are no pure good or terrible people (with the exception of a few Starks), and everyone is a shade of grey. Except for Ned/Robb/Jon, of course. Everyone has a tumultuous history or a dark secret. And this is the precise representation of reality. There is no such thing as an absolute.

It’s the ultimate vengeance story.

Everyone wishes to exact vengeance on someone or something. Daenerys is battling for her sun and stars, as well as her father and brother, whereas Robb is fighting for his sisters and to revenge his father’s death. Many more characters will soon join this insane quest for retribution, and you will find yourself cheering for many of them at the same time if you simply watch the series.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

It keeps you wanting more.

When I initially started watching the show, it was in its second season (somewhere near the 5th or 6th episodes). I only took one break throughout watching the full 15-16 episodes (and comparable hours). I’d start the next episode after each one and tell myself, “Just one more and I’ll retire to my bed. Promise!”

The oblique references and conspiracy theories
Because the novels have yet to be included in the TV series, this is more appropriate to them.

Scenes that are larger than life
I felt chills when the dragons first appeared in the novels. I was curious to see how they would depict it on television. Similarly, there are a lot of moments that I’d like to see on screen just to see how amazing they are.

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