How to download Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan Malayalam movie?

Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan

Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan Synopsis

The narrative examines the hold that the thought of wealth has on people and how everything else becomes flimsy in contrast. THE GOOD GETS FAVORITES FROM FORTUNE.

Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan Story

Miserly Keshu discovers that he may amass wealth, but it is tough to obtain, and in the end, is it really worth all the pain he has to go through?

Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan Review

With writer Sajeev Pazhoor’s competence in social drama and Nadirsha’s knack for humor, they have a winner in Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan, but at 140 minutes, it may be a little awkward at points, especially at the conclusion.

Dileep portrays the old and frugal Keshu, whose younger siblings and their husbands have arrived at his door demanding a piece of the family estate. It’s not fair, he maintains, because they were all given their portions as dowry, but they’re becoming more insistent now that the value of the land has increased as the neighboring road has widened.

Before making a decision on the property, the entire group, including Keshu’s family with Urvashi playing wife Ratnamma and two children, travels to Rameshwaram to immerse their father’s ashes as per his mother’s wishes, and while there, Keshu receives a piece of news that could change his fortunes forever. While he keeps this a secret from his wife and children, the rest of the party becomes aware of it without his awareness. Even if he manages to give them the slip and return home with his family, the story has traveled across the neighborhood, and there is no preventing the people of the neighborhood from assisting him in order to participate in the riches.

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The novel examines the hold that the thought of wealth has on individuals, and how everything else appears weak in contrast, until things spin out of hand, and one realizes that money may cause you to lose your peace of mind. Keshu and his family are ordinary folks, but the promise of a windfall quickly alters their calculations. The plot is woven via events that are both serious and hilarious, exactly as excellent satire should be. Couples will be moved by a few sequences at the end between Keshu and Ratnamma, who loses her voice due to shock.

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With Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan, Sajeev Pazhoor, who authored Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo and the National Award-winning Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, proves that he can do humor. The narrative is expertly directed by Nadirsha, who has added subtle nuances to the text. He has also penned and performed Naaranga Muttaayi, which is guaranteed to become popular due to the nature of its lyrics. In several important instances, Sajan’s editing allows for seamless viewing.

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It’s unusual to watch Dileep as an elderly guy with thinning hair and a paunch, and while Keshu may be a straight-up comedy, the actor portrays him with a little serious tone rather than his normal comedic manner. However, he overdoes the old guy’s mannerisms. Urvashi is a joy in both funny and dramatic parts. The remainder of the cast is excellent, including Shajohn, Kottayam Nazeer, and Jaffer Idukki. And there’s something about young actor Naslen; even in a little role, he manages to stand out and be endearingly goofy.

This is a movie that everyone in the family will enjoy viewing together because of its strong comedy and emotional parts, as well as its message.


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