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The program follows Sakthi, a no-nonsense investigator at an all-police women’s station who is assigned to investigate a high-profile murder with flaws. In this VGILANTE COP DRAMA, SRUTHI HARIHARAN SHINES.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

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In Sruthi Hariharan’s newest thriller Vadham, she portrays Sakthi, a no-nonsense inspector in an all-police women’s station. And, like in any cop drama, the police officer with a golden heart is put in perilous situations. In Vadham, however, a storyline twist makes Sakthi’s rite of passage an exciting journey.

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The ten-episode series doesn’t spare any time in establishing its essence. When a sleazy high-profile businessman is assassinated in cold blood, it sends shockwaves through politicians and the police force alike. This is the point at which Sakthi (Sruthi Hariharan) is unwillingly assigned to lead a task group to solve the crime.


Sakthi first regards her employment as a hardship. With her prospective in-laws undecided about her career, she is frequently divided between her professional and personal lives. But she is constantly anchored by two voices of reason: Divakar (Vivek Rajgopal) and her father.

In many male-led productions, the woman is unavoidably reduced to the role of a sidekick to the raging hero. In Vadham, though, the roles are nicely reversed. Even when she abandons her work, Divakar is frequently seen delightfully reminding viewers that they do not have to choose between business and romance. In this action thriller, Sakthi and Divakar’s sweet passages are a joy.


Sakthi almost always has her game face on in the episode, with the exception of some humorous relief. The program examines rape, assault, sexual harassment, and chauvinism, frequently with its politics in the proper place. Even though it frequently walks the line between good and evil, moral and immoral, its attitude on taking the law into one’s own hands is handled with care.

While the narrative lacks the punch of an action thriller at times, it is supported by a strong performance by the show’s great main women — Sruthi Hariharan, Ashwathy Warrier, Semmalar Annam, and Preetheesha Premkumaran.

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