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Badhaai Do

Badhaai Do Synopsis

Badhaai Do – This marriage compromise is of a distinct sort in Badhaai Do, one that isn’t typically spoken but has always existed. Badhaai Do is a full-fledged family film that fearlessly tackles a societal issue.

Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5

Badhaai Do Story

Sumi and Shardul live double lives as gay and lesbian community members who are socially marginalized. They believe that settling for a compromise marriage to appease their overbearing families will provide them with cover while they seek partners of their choosing. The story of this family performer is built around what they finally achieve and how they do it.

Badhaai Do Review

Marriages are said to be formed in paradise. Surprisingly, a large proportion of these ‘heavenly marriages’ appears to be all shining and dazzling as a result of different sacrifices made by couples. This marriage compromise is of a distinct sort in Badhaai Do, one that isn’t typically spoken but has always existed.

For those unfamiliar, a lavender marriage is a hetero marriage between two homosexual individuals who agree to this arrangement of convenience for a variety of reasons, including trying to fit into society, avoiding the social stigma associated with their single status, and using it as a cover to live their lives with some semblance of freedom.

Badhaai Do box office collection day 1: First Bollywood release post third  wave starts slow, makes ₹1.6 crore | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Harshavardhan Kulkarni’s film presents this convoluted arrangement with comedy and wit – but not at the expense of the characters – and sensitively addresses the protagonists’ issue. The video aims to convey the concept that one’s sexual orientation should not and does not define who one is. The film is an engaging family viewing and is a sequel to the numerous National Award-winning Badhaai Ho.

Sumi and Shardul (Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao) are newlyweds who live together like roommates in the film. Following Sumi and Shardul’s wedding, they go on a path of walking on eggshells in order to keep their secrets hidden from their families, friends, and neighbors while being loyal to themselves.

They end up racing from one crazy circumstance to the next in the process. The romantic interludes between Shardul and Sumi and their real partners play out with the same ease, comfort, and turbulence as any other couple in our films, indicating that the film’s goal is not to stereotype the gay and lesbian community, but to change minds and eliminate prejudices against them.
The video delicately depicts the great loneliness and sense of isolation that a homosexual person experiences, especially when they don’t have a window to freely interact with their family and are forced to cope with matters on their own.

Badhaai Do's Bandi Tot Out! Rajkummar Rao & Bhumi Pednekar 'Nok-Jhok' Will  Leave You Wanting For More!

In the second part, the characters’ attempts to overcome their loneliness and interact with their families are underlined.
Badhaai Do is an attempt to normalize the portrayal of the gay and lesbian population and their romantic relationships on the big screen.

Marriage’s complications, middle-class conventional families’ obligations on people have also been shown with empathy and reality. The narrative’s brilliance rests in the lack of judgment; the protagonists are not treated differently because they are homosexual. From the start, the film is as straightforward as possible about the protagonist couple’s sexual orientation.

Shardul is well portrayed by Rajkummar Rao. Particularly heartbreakingly beautiful are the emotionally heated times. He has a good grasp of his role, which he portrays with grace and honesty. Sumi is played by Bhumi Pednekar in a compassionate, nuanced, and spot-on performance. She has a lot of appeals when it comes to expressing the volatility she struggles within without words.

Had No Inhibitions": Chum Darang On Playing Bhumi Pednekar's Girlfriend In Badhaai  Do

Chum Darang makes a strong start in Bollywood, playing a part that requires daring for a beginner. The filmmakers should be applauded for putting a northeastern actor as a parallel lead, which is uncommon in Hindi cinema. Gulshan Devaiah merits a special note because he appears in the surprise packet.

Keep an eye out for this one! The supporting cast, which includes renowned actors like Seema Pahwa and Sheeba Chaddha, gives the drama credibility. In fact, their talks provide some of the most amusing moments.

To add momentum to the proceedings, the first half should have been edited better. The story misses its way a few times in its attempt to create layers, but it eventually hits home. The clip is beautifully filmed, portraying the natural beauty and simplicity of Uttarakhand. Badhaai Do’s title tune by Tanishk Bagchi and Bandi Tot by Ankit Tiwari stand out in terms of music. Amit Trivedi’s song Hum Thay Seedhe Saadhe is likewise a lovely love song that stays with you long after the movie is ended.

Badhaai Do review: Light-hearted yet mature look at LGBTQ lives

Justice DY Chandrachud referenced the late Justice Leila Seth when the Supreme Court decriminalized homosexuality in 2018 “The freedom to love is the right that distinguishes us as human beings. It is cruel and immoral to outlaw the exercise of such freedom.” Films like Badhaai Do are essential in a country where decriminalizing consensual homosexual sex took decades and where same-sex marriages are still not recognized by the law or accepted by society.

It demystifies the topic for the ordinary Indian household and initiates a discussion. While Bollywood has seen a slew of films centered on the gay and lesbian community, this film aims to give families, particularly those in rural areas, a voice. Instead of ignoring them, the film throws them right into the middle of the action.

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