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Irudhi Pakkam 2021


A stranger murders an independent young woman who lives alone in her apartment. Who is the assailant, and what compelled them to murder her? A well-executed whodunit.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Irudhi Pakkam Review:

The ambition of debutant director Mano ve Kannadhasan to make a whodunit thriller is clear from the start. He creates an intriguing idea with a diverse cast of people that not only captures the audience’s attention but also sheds light on themes that are forbidden in society. This movie is leaked on Tamilrockers and also you can Tamilrockers Movie Download.

Despite the fact that the murder mystery is a genre that has been done to death in Tamil film, it will never, ever go out of style. Mano is fully aware of this and has worked hard to maintain the suspense throughout the film. The language is excellent here, drawing us into the path of the protagonist, Iyal (Amrutha Srinivasan), who is both innocent and fascinating in her own way.

Iyal is shown as a self-sufficient young woman who lives alone in her apartment. She is visibly distressed, and she makes a note about the man in her life who refuses to let her live. She is assassinated by a stranger she invited into her flat in a matter of minutes. The rest of the story concentrates on figuring out who the perpetrator is and what drove them to murder her.

Irudhi Pakkam Movie Review: A well-executed whodunit
Irudhi Pakkam

Inspector Kumar (Rajesh Balachandran) investigates the case, which appears straightforward at first because the victim had little contact with the outside world. However, as the film proceeds, her ex-boyfriend Prashanth makes surprising admissions (Vignesh Shanmugam). The story swings back in time, allowing us to see Iyal and Prashanth’s carefree courtship. They meet on their college campus and become friends via writing.

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Prashanth reads a few paragraphs of one of her unpublished writings and immediately falls in love with her. Iyal is a writer who thinks that only genuine stories, rather than fictional ones, can have an impact. Download Irudhi pakkam on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

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Irudhi Pakkam

As she begins experimenting with a new book on sexiness and sex, this notion causes problems in her personal life. Is it possible for a regular cop who doesn’t believe in intuition to solve this complicated case?
Both Vignesh Shanmugam and Amrutha have given excellent performances, elevating the script to a higher level. During the flashback scenes, Vignesh’s portrayal is genuine and invigorating. He comes across as an excellent find and someone to keep an eye on. The screenplay, like the people in the movie, has problems. The director, on the other hand, appears to have done it on purpose.

Irudhi Pakkam – A new-fangled suspense thriller to enthrall the crowds is  all set for worldwide theatrical release - Tamil Nadu News, Chennai News,  Tamil Cinema News, Tamil News, Tamil Movie News,
Irudhi Pakkam

For example, the apartment’s CCTV footage would have shown all of the people who observed the murder initially. Kumar, on the other hand, never considers verifying it, despite the fact that this matter is so important to him. Especially because Iyal had delivered the book, titled The Last Page, to him just days before she died. Again, we can’t complain because, in the second part, he admits that he isn’t as effective as other officers and that the inspector position came to him because his father died in the line of duty. However, there are a number of unsolved questions. Download this movie on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

Irudhi Pakkam – A new-fangled suspense thriller to enthrall the crowds is  all set for worldwide theatrical release - Chennai City News
Irudhi Pakkam

Praveen Balu, the cinematographer, has done an excellent job of supporting the director’s vision and sticking to the essentials, while Jones Rubert’s music is calming and fits the flow of the film perfectly.
Overall, Iruthi Pakkam is a good thriller with an intriguing narrative that will pique the attention of your inner investigator.

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