Jersey: Shahid Kapoor Is Ready To Take A Big Pay Cut?


Jersey: Shahid Kapoor Is Willing To Take A Big Pay Cut In His Reported 31 Crores’ Fees, Persuading Makers To Avoid OTT Route?
The film was intended to be released this Friday, December 31, but the producers had to postpone it because of the growing number of Covid cases.

Fans are anticipating Shahid Kapoor’s debut as a cricketer in the soon-to-be-released Jersey. While the Mrunal Thakur-starrer was set to visit theatres on Friday, December 31, the creators decided to postpone it because of an increase of Covid instances.

During this time, there have been rumors that the filmmakers may opt for a digital distribution rather than a theatrical release, however, this is not the case. So, who do we have to thank for the film’s decision to remain in theatres? It’s none other than Shahid Kapoor, the film’s principal actor.


Jersey – Shahid Kapoor Said

“After the escalating Covid instances, the team of Jersey had received prior information that Delhi movie halls would be closed shortly,” a source close to the Shahid Kapoor starrer informed Bollywood Hungama. As a result, they had many meetings to discuss the film’s next course of action, as their whole marketing campaign had already run and there was little left to promote.”
“They held communication with their digital partner, Netflix, who agreed to pay a premium price for a direct to digital release on December 31,” the insider continued concerning team Jersey’s next step. The offer was attractive, and the producers were naturally swayed.” That’s not all, though.

“They were virtually likely to give the picture to Netflix for a premiere because these are unpredictable times and Covid will delay the film by at least 1 to 2 months, adding to the expense and lowering the enthusiasm around the film,” the insider continued. Instead of a budget increase, they believe it is preferable to let viewers see Jersey via OTT. Shahid Kapoor, the hero, came in at that point.”


“The actor was emphatic that Jersey deserves a theatrical release,” the source added of Shahid Kapoor’s role in ensuring Jersey had a theatrical release rather than only a digital one. When the filmmakers informed him of the costs, the actor graciously agreed to cut his salary in order to keep the picture in theatres.”

So, what does this signify for Shahid Kapoor and the film? “Shahid demanded Rs. 31 crores for Jersey, and without hesitation, he informed the producer that he would cut his acting pay to the degree that the film’s additional costs would build up owing to the delay,” the person said. “If the budget increases by Rs. 5 crores, he would drop Rs. 5 crores from his fees,” the source explained. He will waive Rs. 10 crores from his fees if the budget is increased by Rs. 10 crores.”


“For Shahid, Jersey is special, and he is convinced that the viewers will fall in love with the universe that they have built,” the person said. The producers were convinced, which is why they chose to postpone the release rather than go for a straight to DVD release.

Shahid Kapoor, you’ve done a fantastic job!

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