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Kaari Tamil Movie

Kaari Movie Synopsis:

Kaari has some fascinating and captivating moments, but not enough to make an impression on the viewer.
a respectable rural action film with a few interesting moments.
The plot of Kaari centers on the life of a Chennai-based horse jockey and how destiny sends him to a remote village in the Ramanad region, where is going to experience the brutality of money and power.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Kaari Movie Review: 

Numerous Tamil films have had central themes that incorporate the well-known, antiquated sport of “bull-taming,” or “Jallikattu.” The Kaari by Sasikumar is no different. But what makes this rural action movie unique is that it also addresses issues that are uncommon to see, such as corporate greed, pro-animal liberation, the morality of eating meat, and other issues.
Even if the staging in the first half is extremely promising and the ideas are excellent, as the movie goes on, the story becomes increasingly cliched and has less of an impression on the audience.

Beginning as a normal rural action film, Kaari discusses the conflict between the two villages of Kariyalur and Sivanenthal, both close to Ramanad, and how holding a Jallikattu competition will help them settle it. The management of the Karuppan temple, which belongs to both, may be assumed by the victor. Sethu (Sasikumar), a jockey who works in a Chennai horse racing stable, is also presented to us in parallel. He works at the stable with his father, Vellasaamy (Aadukalam Narein), who is a socially conscious individual who is never afraid to confront wrongdoers. In the interim, we also catch a glimpse of SKR (JD Chakravarthy), a corporate oligarch involved in the meat industry and the exploitation of animals.

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Even though everything seems to be going well, Sethu’s life takes a turn when his father passes away from cardiac arrest a short while after his beloved horse is shot to death. The remaining elements of the crux are what binds the residents of Kariyalur and Sethu together and how SKR’s enterprise will impact their lives.
Most of the time, the writing of director Hemanth is strong, and his ambitious screenplay includes a subtle discussion of some uncommon subjects. With a few well-shot scenes that feature the passing of a pet horse and the disappearance of a bull that was kept as a family, he also touches on the bond between humans and animals.

Kaari Trailer:

However, as the movie goes on, especially when we anticipate something significant to occur onscreen, the filmmaker lets us down by adding regular sequences that are normally found in these kinds of films. The character sketches by JD Chakravarthy are unimpressive and detract from the otherwise riveting narrative.
Sasikumar and JD Chakravarthy only appear together in a small number of scenes, and occasionally we ponder why the latter was even included in a topic like this.

The pre-climax section has several intriguing and distinctive Jallikattu routines. It’s fascinating to see images of Karuppa, a bull of exceptional quality, storming out of Vaadi Vaasal so that the locals may tame it. Sethu develops feelings for the girl (Parvathy Arun) who owns Karuppa in a nearby hamlet, but little did he realize that fate would need him to tame the bull that has been hailed as a hero. Another star to keep an eye out for is Parvathy Arun. After Karuppa the Bull vanished, she gave a fantastic performance that was true to the part. Ammu Abirami gave her best effort despite not having much of a chance to perform.

Sasikumar enjoys portraying rural issues, and it is well known that his presence on the screen would readily enhance such a subject. Unexpectedly, Sasikumar appeared more believable as a jockey for horses than a bull tamer. Not to mention how well Balaji Sakthivel performed in his role as Parvathy’s father. The film’s technical elements—including the background music and cinematography—are superb. The script has been improved by Ganesh Chandra and D. Imman, respectively.
Kaari has some fascinating and captivating moments, but not enough to make an impression on the viewer.

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