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Kathir Synopsis

Kathir is recommended for those who want to remember anything from a film. A decent story that motivates you.

Kathir follows two characters: an unemployed engineering graduate and an elderly widow with a fascinating background. The central theme of the film is how their lives are impacted by one another.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Kathir Movie Review:

While some directors have been cranking out mindless entertainment starring well-known actors, others are still working hard to develop tales that give the viewer something to remember. Kathir belongs to the second group. It isn’t a particularly good picture, but the universe that the filmmaker creates out of two individuals is incredibly inspirational and accomplishes the goal. Kathir is about two people: a young man who has had numerous failures and an elderly woman who has an inspirational background. It’s about their lovely friendship and how the young man’s life changes after learning about the elder woman’s tale.

Despite the simplicity of Dhinesh Palanivel’s narrative, the scenarios he provides here allow us to go alongside the protagonist. After a fight with his father, Kathir (Venkatesh Annadurai), a disillusioned engineering graduate, leaves his village in quest of a job in Chennai. His lack of English proficiency makes it difficult for him to get work in the IT field. During this period, he meets Savithri (Rajini Chandy), the owner of his residence, an elderly woman with an amazing personality. Though Kathir’s careless behaviour irritates Savithri, the two develop a lovely relationship over time. Kathir tells her about his college love story and how life has always treated him unfairly.

Kathir Movie Review: A fizzless, forgettable outing- Cinema express

After learning about his close buddy Farooq’s tragic death and Savithri’s inspirational history, his life takes a change. It pushes him to remain in Coimbatore and create an environment that is not only beneficial to him but also to others. Dhinesh Palanivel’s concept of conveying a story with basic emotions is admirable, and it effectively transports us into the world of his characters without straining. Throughout the book, the narrative is exciting and compelling. It would have been a better picture if Dhinesh had written the screenplay in a non-linear style.

This film will not disappoint those who go to the movies hoping to see a solid tale, but it may struggle to please a bigger audience. We were expecting Kathir’s backstory to be unique and compelling, but all we get is a typical break-up narrative. Even yet, the filmmaker manages to include some enjoyable scenes from Kathir’s undergraduate days, and the cause for the breakup works without being unprofessional. The second half, on the other hand, proves to be quite effective, with Savithri’s flashback segment coming out on top.

Santhosh Pratap is portrayed as a communist and revolutionist who fights for the rights of farmers and underprivileged people. His sections are fascinating, and they might have been a standalone film. However, there is also an issue with the picture; we get three unique storylines in one film, which may have been expanded into a longer feature. The audience are distracted by the changing mood.
Otherwise, the picture is well-intentioned, with a satisfying finale. The performances of the lead actors are the film’s key attractions. Both Venkatesh and Rajini Chandy have done an outstanding job in portraying their personalities in a genuine manner.

Bhavya Trikha, who portrays Venkatesh’s girlfriend, does an outstanding job as well. Santhosh Pratap appears in the film for only a few minutes, yet his performance is powerful and engaging. Prashant Pillai’s background score and music lifted a couple passages that would have otherwise been average. Except for a few continuity errors, the technical staff has done a good job. Overall, Kathir is a fantastic film to watch if you want to remember something from it.

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