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A campus romance and coming-of-age story. A cute, emotional story that you can relate to.

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5


Plus there are two students. Kunjeldho and Nivedita fall in love, but can they handle the pressure when things grow serious?


Kunjeldho is a love story between Plus Two students, full of the usual campus fun, conflicts, and a goodbye party that throws Kunjeldho’s (Asif Ali) and his fiancée Nivedita’s lives into disarray (Gopika Udayan).

Nivedita strikes Kunjeldho at first sight as they begin their lives as Plus Two pupils. She rapidly loses her heart to him as well, and the couple consummates their love during the goodbye event at the end of their studies. The second part focuses on the retaliation they face from their relatives. The couple is forced to leave their house, and after a long search for a place to live and subsist, they are taken in by a caring professor (Siddique). Will the couple’s relatives ultimately come over to their side?

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Although Kunjeldho is a simple plot, debut director Mathukutty, who also wrote the screenplay, and creative director Vineeth Sreenivasan succeed in establishing an engrossing atmosphere, whether it’s via the campus escapades or the heartbreaking passages in the second half. With strong comedic characters and pathos, they can help the audience relate to both the fun and the tragedy. Mathukutty is a well-known radio host and anchor, and this clip demonstrates that he is a jack of all crafts.


The tracks are fantastic, with Vineeth’s mesmerizing voice and Shaan’s music. Swaroop Philip’s cinematography is stunning, especially in the countryside scenes and several images inside Siddiquie’s house. The rains, the rubber plantations, and the hazy hills are a visual feast.

Vineeth’s cameo is, as usual, one-of-a-kind. Asif Ali has demonstrated in the recent past that he can handle adult parts with equal seriousness, and in this picture, he makes an excellent transition from a fun kid to a man who must grow up rapidly.
Debutant Gopika does an excellent job in her role, despite the director’s deft handling of her character without too many speeches or intricate situations, and the young actor has done particularly well in the emotional passages. Siddique outperforms himself once more.

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Rekha, who plays Kuljeldho’s mother, Akhil Manoj, Rupesh Pitambaran, Shruti, Jasniya, and Sanju Sanichan all do an excellent job in their roles, giving the impression that no character is overplayed.
Overall, Kunjeldho is a feel-good film filled with college pranks, love, emotions, and music, making it an excellent choice for viewing with family and friends throughout the Christmas holiday season.

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