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Nenjuku Needhi

Nenjuku Needhi Synopsis

Nenjuku Needhi – In a remote district of Tamil Nadu, an IPS officer investigates a bizarre case of three missing dalit girls. Tamilrockers has leaked this film as usual. While two people have been discovered deceased, one has gone missing. Can he solve the case and apprehend the criminals?
A moving and compelling film on caste differences and inequality.

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

Nenjuku Needhi Movie Review:

‘Who will be the king if everyone is equal?’ The person who believes that everyone is equal’ – Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Nenjukku Needhi is forceful, hard-hitting, and thought-provoking, similar to the discourse in the film. Though Tamil cinema has recently produced a slew of films that address caste inequality and societal injustice, this one slaps us square in the face right away. We know precisely what will happen next, but the writing and production are so good that they keep you interested.

The film follows an IPS officer who is investigating a horrible crime involving the strange deaths of two dalit girls and a missing girl. It is a replica of the Bollywood blockbuster Article 15. An IPS officer named Vijayragavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is sent to a rural area in Tamil Nadu, where caste prejudice and untouchability still exist.

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Even though Vijayragahvan has read numerous books about prejudice, he finds it difficult to tackle these issues in real life. While he continues to grapple with the views of others around him and attempt to educate them, a strange case of three missing dalit girls employed in a local factory adds to his misery.

Two are found dead, but the situation becomes more difficult because the third is missing. The narrative is around who committed this horrible crime and how Vijayraghavan pursues it against pressure from his casteist superiors. While the basic concept isn’t novel, Arunraja Kamaraj’s writing and the characters’ anguish make us want to see the movie. Vijayragahvan and his subordinates debate the caste structure and the number of subclasses inside it in one scenario.

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Though amusing, Vijayragahvan’s response to them will connect with the majority of viewers. Most of the exchanges deserve recognition since the writing is so good.

Just when we believe the filmmakers have gone too far, they defend their actions with intriguing situations and the atmosphere in which the people live. The cinematography (by Dinesh Krishnan) and music are the stars of this film. Dhibu Ninan Thomas, the film’s composer, has grasped the film’s pulse and lifted the sequences to new heights. Udhayanidhi has done respect to Ayushmann Khurrana’s part in the original, and this character feels like it was built for him.

சென்சிட்டிவ் விஷயத்தை கையில் எடுத்த உதயநிதி..இதுவும் அரசியல் கணக்கா?..  டீசர் உள்ளே.. | Nenjuku Needhi Official Teaser...

The main flaw is that several situations are predictable, and the narrative in the first half is a little sluggish. The pre-interval block, in which Vijayragahvan enters the station with a notice paper titled “Article 15,” more than makes up for it. Kumaran, a dalit leader and revolutionary, is played by Aari to perfection. However, the filmmakers might have focused more on his character’s past, which would have allowed us to empathies with him. Tanya Ravichandran, who plays a feminist, and Shivani Rajashekar, who plays Kurunji, perform an excellent job.

The actor’s political background and profession are well-known. However, there’s no doubting that they’re well-made. Because to Udhayanidhi’s participation, we get a couple images of him against the rising sun. Thankfully, the film does not go overboard with them. Udhayanidhi provides a sincere performance, supported by a talented cast of supporting characters. (In particular, Suresh Chakravarthi is amazing.) The film does, however, make an error in presenting a number of its moments more naturally. Consider the sequence in which a ‘encounter’ occurs. (Shivani Rajashekar’s makeup is noticeable in a negative way.)

Unlike Article 15, Vijayaraghavan’s folded hands are a sign of contrition rather than appreciation from the victim’s relatives (Udhayanidhi Stalin).

In Nenjukku Needhi, snakes play an essential part. Vijayaraghavan arrives at his new police station to find his crew fighting a snake infestation. He learns later that it was an attack, but the snakes were completely harmless. Snakes move out of the way as Sathya is discovered later, battling for her life. They had done no harm to her, but the same cannot be said of her fellow humans. Nenjukku Needhi is a good remake because of tiny moments like this.

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