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Review of the film ‘NET’: An engrossing tale of internet voyeurism 

Through personal experiences, director Bhargav Macharla analyses the ever-present danger to privacy, exposing the difficulties in relationships.

Data breaches and privacy breaches are a real and present risk. At a time when personal information is often exposed on the dark web, filmmaker Bhargav Macharla’s dystopian tale for the Telugu film NET is timely (streaming on Zee5). Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched. What if private places are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the footage is broadcast to thousands of voyeuristic subscribers?

Through the lives of two couples, Bhargav examines the implications of living a hacked life — Priya (Avika Gor) and Ranjith (Vishwadev Rachakonda) and Lakshman (Rahul Ramakrishna) and Suchitra (Praneeta Patnaik). Both the person being observed and the one watching are doomed. The intermediaries who profit from the abuse of technology are the ones who benefit. The tale, on the other hand, avoids depicting or commenting on the intermediaries.


Avika and Vishwadev begin their lives together in a posh gated neighborhood in Hyderabad, where outsiders are strictly prohibited. The greater intrusion, ironically, occurs through a network of small cameras installed throughout the flat, which broadcast events in Priya and Ranjith’s lives to subscribers on the dark web. Depending on whatever room the film comes from, the content is labelled as free, silver, or gold. The pair is dealing with their own problems.

NET brings us into the dilapidated, overcrowded lower middle-class residence of the other couple in Nalgonda, in contrast to the luxury gated neighborhood. Lakshman never misses an occasion to say that he would have had a better life if he had been better educated.

and a more attractive wife! He becomes addicted to video of Priya’s life due to his infatuation with fair-skinned ladies.


The gender equations between the two spouses are contrasted by Bhargav. Ranjith cooks for Priya, but Lakshman is unappreciative of all his wife does for him. Priya may take her time reconciling after a quarrel, whereas Suchitra may not realize she is in an abusive relationship for a long time.

The music of Naresh Kumaran and the cinematography of Abhiraj Nair heighten the tension in both households. Though Lakshman and Suchitra’s spats become strident and repetitious at a point, the steady breakdown of relationships is well described. Both ladies eventually find a way to rise above the abuse they’ve received.

NET might have been a full-fledged computer thriller if it had focused on a cybercrime crackdown, but it is satisfied to be a human drama, leaving us with unsettling thoughts about privacy breaches.


It’s a tight 90-minute picture that keeps on track, aided greatly by the performances of Rahul Ramakrishna, Praneeta, and Avika. In a supporting role, Vishnu Oi also makes an impression. Rahul and Praneeta give their parts justice, unafraid to let go of their egos and allow their skill speak for itself. In the scenes where Avika finds the terrible reality, she comes into her own.

NET is now available to watch on ZEE5. 

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