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Oruthee Synopsis

Oruthee – Radhamani’s quest for justice against a strong corporate organisation is shown in the film.
A moving story of a woman’s battle for justice.

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

Oruthee Story

Radhamani, a government boat ticket collector, attempts to obtain a gold loan in return for her daughter’s new jewellery. What she’ll face is a slew of issues that he couldn’t have predicted.

Oruthee Review

Navya Nair hasn’t been seen in Malayalam films in about eleven years. The actress, who has won many State Awards, makes a strong comeback in the V K Prakash film Oruthee, which is based on a true story about a middle-class woman.
Radhamani (Navya) works as a ticket collector on a Kochi boat, and she struggles to support her family of two school-aged children, an elderly mother, and a husband who works in low-wage jobs abroad.

When her little daughter becomes ill from food poisoning, she tries to get a gold loan using a necklace they had purchased from a reputable jeweller. She has no idea that she is in for issues far more serious than the huge medical bill she is trying to pay.

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This is one of those hard-to-believe real situations in which one marvels how a middle-class woman who is tormented by one problem after another manages to confront them head-on while still dealing with a doubting husband, a strong businessman, and her financial difficulties. Navya seizes the titular character in the film with fire in her eyes, infusing it with all the utmost intensity and emotions she can manage.

No, she is not a superwoman, but a regular person who emanates enough humanity for the majority of viewers to empathise with her plight. There are times when one wonders whether her performance would overshadow the subject, but what she brings to the story is the proper spirit it needs.

Oruthee actor Navya Nair: There are more opportunities to stand out today

Her performance of Radhamani is without a doubt the film’s highlight. Vinayakan, too, shines up as a daring cop whose story is intertwined with the main character’s. Although the film’s ending is predictable, it is emotionally rewarding enough for the spectator to cheer for Radhamani and the few supporting characters.

There are a few scenes in the film that are difficult to believe, such as the several hours-long pursuit scenario, but truth may certainly look stranger than fiction in certain situations. Oruthee is well worth seeing for Navya’s performance as well as to admire the bravery of the woman whose life is shown in the film.

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