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Paradise Highway

Paradise Highway Synopsis

‘Paradise Highway’ takes the less travelled path, but it doesn’t quite convince its viewers that the journey is worthwhile.
This saga’s slow-burning pace transports you on a sombre road journey.

Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5

Paradise Highway Story:

A truck driver who is willing to go to any lengths to free her brother from jail finds herself in a predicament when she is forced to stay with a little girl who has fallen victim to a big human trafficking fraud.

Paradise Highway Review:

Sally (Juliette Binoche) spends her days transporting deliveries in her enormous trailer and communicating with her trucker gal companions through video conferences. Her life is spent on the road. Sally works as a truck driver, but her sole goal in life is to find her brother Dennis (Frank Grillo), who hires her for dodgy delivery missions. But Sally is unaware that her most recent delivery is a little girl named Leila (Hala Finley), who was abducted by a human trafficking gang. Sally must make some difficult decisions that might not have a good outcome since she is torn between her impulses to save the girl and accomplish the assignment for her brother.

When you cast Morgan Freeman, who portrays the wise former FBI adviser Gerick, and Juliette Binoche, both of whom have won Academy Awards, you go into the film with high hopes. However, Norwegian writer-director Anna Gutto makes it abundantly plain within the first half hour or so of the film that this road movie is going to be a slow-burning drama of human interactions that only barely touches the shadowy crimes that have long plagued the US trucking business. Gutto skillfully mounts her tale of sibling love, which is seen through Sally’s eyes. Inside trucks and trailers, we learn how truckers make their rigs their homes and make the road their ultimate destination.

Paradise Highway

Beyond this, the movie-going experience doesn’t present you with anything new.
Despite being marketed as a thriller, “Paradise Highway” fails miserably to excite in any manner. Even in the conclusion, despite the unexpected writing, it never reaches a fever pitch. Furthermore, it doesn’t come to a satisfying conclusion emotionally.

Binoche does her duty in portraying the jaded trucker woman who is accustomed to living rough on the highways. Her no-nonsense demeanour and zero-fun policy give off the impression of being the film’s dismal overriding theme, which deals lazily and matter-of-factly with the troubling issue of child trafficking. Grillo and Freeman both seem a little wasted in their parts, which are nonetheless quite constrained. The only person that receives a specific arch to play on is Hala Finley, who transforms from a defensive, untrusting, and yelling pre-teen girl to someone who develops as a result of the circumstance and all the difficulties set against her.

This movie had a lot of promise to be captivating to watch because it had talented performers and an intriguing plot. ‘Paradise Highway’ takes the less travelled path, but it doesn’t quite convince its viewers that the journey is worthwhile.

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