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A bold, relentless depiction of the senselessness of violence.

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Rocky Review

Before Arun Matheswaran, no one had ventured to show violence in such a violent way. The setting of the film inherently blurs the line between good and evil. It’s a demon vs demon battle, and we must support the lesser of two evils.

The initial trailer for filmmaker Arun Matheswaran’s debut film Rocky featured a scene in which a parent weeps helplessly as his son is ruthlessly mutilated. The sequence felt completely barbarous, even bizarre because it was the first time in Tamil cinema that a filmmaker dared to display such extreme acts of violence for such a long time. This movie is leaked on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

As a physically powerful man gets sliced open, the camera lingered on Rocky’s back for a long time. It’s unsettling that Arun doesn’t speed through the scenario for the sake of the audience’s comfort. There’s a lot of quiet in the midst of a lot of chaos; there’s a lot of calm in the face of senseless violence.

The camera zooms in on the hacksaw blade, the murder weapon, which is dripping with blood and tiny chunks of flesh after Rocky slices apart the body. Rocky then desecrates the motionless body by removing what we later learn is his victim’s intestine and wearing it as a garland around his victim’s shoulders.

In black and white, a scenario exhibiting intense violence is shot. We observe the tragedy from a distance, just like the victim’s father, played by Bharathiraja, and the camera spares us a close-up look of all the gore. The setting is set up in such a way that it creates an incomprehensible sensation. The violence described in the scenario is both blatant and hidden from observation by the audience. It’s both explicit and oblique at the same time. The line between a straight-up gore fest and a well-shot, well-performed piece is very thin. This movie is leaked on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

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Arun Matheswaran urges us to use our critical thinking skills to discern the violence in his picture from the overly-stylized acts of violence depicted in other films’ grabs for heroes. In some ways, this film dispels the illusion of violence that we were fed in previous films. The use of violence is no longer fashionable. It is exhausting, takes a toll on our mental health, is unsightly, filthy, and has unfathomable ramifications.

It would be impolite to take this incident at its value and disregard it as a bad influence. Simply viewing it causes such mental strain that it may actually deter one from engaging in any sort or form of violence.

Now, releasing the entire clip as the film’s teaser is a bold decision, as it clearly establishes that this is not a picture for the faint of heart. It was evident enough that this film will shed light on certain dark areas of our human civilization that we pretend don’t exist while we encircle ourselves with pleasures.

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It’s not unheard of for Rocky to kill his victim in this manner. “I’m going to take your intestines out and wear it as a garland,” is a threat we’ve heard people make, sometimes jokingly, sometimes seriously. Our mythology also has a depiction of similar brutality. We’ve all heard stories of Lord Vishnu taking on the man-lion avatar Narasimha and disemboweling the demon ruler Hiranyakashipu.

But no one has attempted to vividly represent this particular act of violence in-depth and with patience before Arun Matheswaran. And the film’s structure inherently blurs the line between good and evil. It puts one monster against another, and we must cheer for the lesser evil, who yearns for a second shot at life.

A hero who slaughters hordes of people while claiming moral high ground and advocating murder as a quick answer for all of society’s issues is fundamentally problematic and ethically dubious. When violence is presented in the context of war, however, it takes on a new form. The situation is free of any moral ambiguity, and it positions us in a position from which we can understand how pointless fighting is.

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Rocky’s parents had to flee their native nation of Sri Lanka because of civil strife. However, the conflict does not abandon them and pursues them to Tamil Nadu, where they seek refuge. Rocky’s father lives a life of crime in order to survive, and when he dies, Rocky steps in to take his place. For some, breaking out from the cycle of violence appears to be impossible.

Manimaran is an emotionally balanced individual. He never uses violence for the sake of violence, but rather as a deterrent. His son is the polar opposite of him: a coward who hides his nervousness and anxiety behind it. He also disembowels Rocky after killing his mother for no apparent reason. Manimaran, who saw the murder of his only son, has waited patiently for 17 years to exact his vengeance.

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He wants his retaliation to be as brutal as Rocky’s. He doesn’t want to murder Rocky, but he does want to kill Rocky’s whole family, including his pregnant sister and niece.

Vasanth Ravi’s eyes are unnerving since they are emotionless and appear vacant. Rocky believes he has no option but to kill every single one of them who has taken away his purpose to exist. Bharathiraja specializes in a few different acting styles. Manimaran’s need for vengeance is similar to Rocky’s. He’s obsessed with revenge and recognizes the futility of his quest, yet he can’t let it go. Giving it up would be the same as giving up the only reason he has to live. The violent tit-for-tat trap has grabbed Manimaran and Rocky. It won’t be over until they’ve both conquered their inner demons by channeling their inner strength.

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The shots of cinematographer Shreeyas Krishna are crisp. Each shot’s arrangement is artistically innovative, with varying colors of light depicting distinct emotions in a visual manner that Wong Kar-wai would approve of. The corridor combat scenario set within an incomplete structure, in particular, is ground-breaking. Park Chan-2003 wook’s film Old Boy served as inspiration for the combat scene. However, Arun and his stunt crew, lead by Dinesh Subbarayan, come up with a novel twist on the classic film moment. Who’d have guessed that seeing an action scenario unfold in a long shot rather than the usual close-ups would be such a powerful and aesthetically captivating experience? Click the below button to Tamilrockers Movie Download to download the movie.

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