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Sex Education

Sex Education Season 3 Review: An enthralling Netflix series that enchants us with empathy

Review of Sex Education Season 3: Watch this programme and fall in love with this lovely series, which is now in its third season. Perhaps it can teach our educational institutions a thing or two. 

The new academic year has just begun, the backpacks are packed, and we are apprehensive and excited to meet with the senior class of Moordale Secondary. So much happened at the close of the previous term: An aliens-meet-penis-themed musical; the local bigoted jock Adam Groff came out as homosexual; and Otis finally confessed his — oh so apparent — affections for the furious and hard-faced Maeve. We all heard that Otis’ passionate message for Maeve was erased by Isaac, a neighbour lad who also had feelings for her. After Ross and Rachel in Friends, the will-they-won’t-they storyline between Otis and Maeve is the largest question to have floated in pop cultural circles.

So, yeah, Otis and Maeve do meet in the new semester, and it’s a disaster. Despite this, we are all relieved to be back at school. Otis got a moustache, Jean became obviously pregnant, and Eric and Adam became a genuine thing during the summer. Although not everything is laugh-out-loud hilarious, virtually everything tugs at your emotions. Our frazzled nerves are soothed by sex education. When we last saw the crew, the globe was still without masks, and the epidemic was the stuff of nightmares. It’s a good thing Moordale, the imaginary, lovely, unspoiled village somewhere in England, has stayed immune to the actual world when we meet them.

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Things at Moordale Secondary have been shaken up in the aftermath of the false chlamydia outbreak, the sex musical, and Dr Milburn’s effort to implement a comprehensive sex education curriculum. Hope Haddon, our new principle, makes an entrance dancing to a popular song while wearing a well-tailored dress, a sleek haircut, and a lipstick colour that the cool kids approve of. Our inner student tells us that it’s too wonderful to be true. Hope is on a quest to de-sexify the school, and there are plenty of Umbridge memories.

Sex Education
Sex Education

The ‘walk in a single-file’ regulation has been reinstated, and the safe refuge for all things decadent – the old, defunct bathroom buildings — has been demolished. The practise of abstinence is making a return. Her potentially racist, archaic approach to teaching, which seeks to put pupils into mechanical boxes, is directly out of Dolores Umbridge’s playbook. Hope’s edicts soon begin to intrude on people’s personal identities. Maeve’s statement nose rings and coloured hair are gone, as are Lily’s stylish alien-inspired hairdos, while Cal, a new non-binary student, is obliged to use the ‘ladies’ line and bathroom. Trouble begins to boil once more in the sacred halls of the school.

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Since Enid Blyton’s time, England has gotten the schools — and Young Adult literature — virtually right every time. Who wouldn’t want to attend Hogwarts, whether it’s because of the Malory Towers or St Clare’s series, or even Harry Potter? With YA series like Skins, Misfits, and The Inbetweeners, as well as films like The History Boys, the good times keep rolling. Sex Education is just carrying on the tradition’s good work and expanding on its basis.

Despite the fact that the programme is about angsty 17-year-olds who are preoccupied with ‘w***king off,’ their genitalia, and get their information from less-than-trustworthy sources. However, the show’s concerns and challenges may be experienced by people of all ages. We all sigh and wish we had an Otis, Maeve, Eric, or even Jackson in our school because it does so with such love, elegance, and empathy.

Sex Education
Sex Education

Season Three is all about sex, with plenty of discussions on penis sizes and sex as a grief cure, as well as a hint to self-harm. The consequences of a sexual assault are given due process. Women’s rights, patriarchy, and self-love are all discussed without being preachy or pedantic. But it has always been Sex Education’s strength since the first season.

This season’s overriding concept is one of friendship. Season 3 subverts how male friendships are portrayed in popular media. Eric and Otis dance their way up the stairs in a touching scene, as Eric finally chooses to ‘go all the way’ with Adam. Guys’s friendships are typically limited to a few nods and grunts, following the old cliché that “men don’t talk about their sexual sentiments for their significant partner.” No, Otis and Eric don’t keep their sentiments hidden from one other, and it’s adorable.

Sex Education
Sex Education

It brings joy to our hearts. Aimee and Maeve, likewise, overcome their difficulties and support one another as they navigate their individual boundaries. Season three is likewise a strong proponent of self-love, although it all comes as a surprise. Watch Season 3 to fall in love with this stunning series and its enthralling third season. Perhaps it has something to teach our educational institutions. And there’s one more thing. There are plenty of memes and gifs on the internet telling us how important it is to respect people and friends who expose us to new music. Since their inception, Sex Education has shown to be an essential ally. Season three’s music keeps up the fantastic job. They have everything from Nancy Sinatra to David Bowie, Queen to Duran Duran. There’s something for everyone, just like in school.


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