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Swan Song


Cleary’s ‘Swan Song’ is an examination of the inner self and its beauty. It’s a trip well worth your time and effort, so go for it! IN THIS FUTURE-SET SOMBRE DRAMA, MAHERSHALA ALI HITS ALL THE RIGHT NOTES.

Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5


Cameron, a loving husband, is forced to make a decision to safeguard his family in the future after he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. Things take a heartbreaking turn when the clone becomes a member of the Cameron family.

Swan Song


‘Swan Song’ is a tough film to see, despite its simplicity, since it worries you and makes you wonder what would happen if you were in a same scenario. It combines emotions with technology, and the result is breathtaking. ‘Swan Song’ is a powerful song that reminds you of your own mortality. The film captivates you with its engaging storey, emphasising the importance of family and the importance of appreciating the people in one’s life.

This fantasy drama is set in the near future, when technology governs almost everything. Cameron (Mahershala Ali) is a talented artist who is deeply attached to his family. His recent convulsions have gotten unbearable, and he just has a few days to live.

Swan Song

When he is directed to Arra Labs, a biotech corporation, by his doctor, he is provided a remedy that may safeguard his family after he passes away. Cameron is introduced to the concept of cloning. The video explores Cameron’s moral dilemma of whether he should make a clone of himself or just have someone else step into his shoes and conduct the house’s patriarchal traditions.

Cameron and Jack are challenging parts for Mahershala Ali to play, but he has done it admirably. Mahershala Ali’s understated performance is a clear winner. While Glenn Close appears throughout the film in the position of a doctor, her job is straightforward and devoid of any obstacles. Naomie Harris in the part of Poppy seems lovely.

Swan Song

Awkwafina makes a brief appearance yet manages to make an impression. The interior railway compartment sequences with Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris have been brilliantly captured. They’re kind, caressing, and coaxing.

Masanobu Takayanagi, who has previously directed films such as ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ and ‘Spotlight,’ makes a full 180 for this drama and creates something completely new. He filmed the movie with great care, and the outcome is fantastic. The inside of a train, empty spaces, and symmetry have never looked so good. Benjamin Cleary, who previously won an Oscar for his short film ‘Stutterer,’ wrote and directed the picture, and it’s clear that while he was creating it, he was entirely focused on the idea that the narrative of a clone would be unlike anything people had seen before.

Swan Song

Cleary has managed to coax a performance out of Ali, and that too in a dual part, and it is for this reason that the director deserves special credit. The same can be said for Harris, and in this picture, we get to see a side of her that hasn’t been explored in her earlier works. Ali and Harris’ marriage interactions appear to be extremely genuine, with a hint of honesty.

This science fiction play makes you ponder. If you’re looking for pure amusement, this film isn’t for you. It’s gloomy and ominous, and it pushes you to ponder the purpose of life. Cleary’s film is about a voyage into one’s inner self and its beauty. It’s a trip well worth your time and effort, so go for it!

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