Taapsee Pannu Returns Home

Taapsee Pannu

After winding off the filming of ‘Blurr’ in Nainital, Taapsee Pannu comes home with gifts for her family.

Taapsee Pannu’s forthcoming psychological thriller, ‘Blurr,’ will be a gift for her admirers. She will also be making her debut as a producer with this picture. She had been filming nonstop for the picture and had recently completed her schedule.
For more than a month, the actress was based in Nainital for her filming. She did not come home empty-handed once her schedule was completed; instead, she brought gifts.
According to a source, “While Taapsee was filming in Nainital, she learned about the city’s scented candles, which are known for their distinct scents and craftsmanship. They are widely exported across the world, and each tourist who visits the city makes it a point to get some.”

“So, after her wrap, Taapsee Pannu bought a number of these candles for the purpose of presenting them to her family and friends back home on the Christmas festival, as well as as a tiny keepsake for herself,” the insider continued.
‘Blurr,’ directed by Ajay Bahl, is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language thriller film. Gulshan Devaiah plays the major part in the film.

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