How to Watch Badhaai Do Hindi Movie – Review and Rating

Badhaai Do

Badhaai Do Synopsis Badhaai Do – This marriage compromise is of a distinct sort in Badhaai Do, one that isn’t typically spoken but has always existed. Badhaai Do is a full-fledged family film that fearlessly tackles a societal issue. Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5 Badhaai Do Story Sumi and Shardul live double lives as gay and lesbian community members who are socially marginalized. They believe that settling for a compromise marriage to appease their overbearing families will provide them with cover while they seek partners of their choosing. The story of this family…


How to watch Sanam Teri Kasam 2016 Hindi Movie

Sanam Teri Kasam Hindi Movie

Synopsis Sanam Teri Kasam – On the day of the state’s Chief Minister’s public conference, his bodyguard and a police officer were trapped in a temporal loop. Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5 Story: Saraswati Parthasarthy (Mawra Hocane) would never be able to find a suitable partner. Saroo takes refuge in her incorrigible neighbor Inder after being rejected by 10 men and being shunned by her own family (Harshvardhan Rane). Is their love tale going to finish happily? Review: A moody, unhappy man with a golden heart falls in love with a modest lady…