How to Watch Koorman Tamil Movie 2022 – Review and Rating


Koorman Synopsis Koorman – A former officer with mind-reading abilities becomes engaged in a rape and murder case. Is he capable of cracking it while keeping the shadows of his past at bay?Koorman is a sloppy criminal thriller. Critic’s Rating: 2.0/5 Koorman Movie Review The protagonist of Koorman, Dhanasekar (Rajaj), lives alone in his 12-acre farmhouse in the midst of nowhere with his Man Friday Murugan (Bala Saravanan), German Shepherd Subbu, and lover Stella (Janani). Stella might be a phantom or a creation of Dhansekar’s mind. The guy, a former officer,…


Irudhi Pakkam 2021 Tamilrockers Movie Download

Irudhi Pakkam 2021

Synopsis A stranger murders an independent young woman who lives alone in her apartment. Who is the assailant, and what compelled them to murder her? A well-executed whodunit. Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5 Irudhi Pakkam Review: The ambition of debutant director Mano ve Kannadhasan to make a whodunit thriller is clear from the start. He creates an intriguing idea with a diverse cast of people that not only captures the audience’s attention but also sheds light on themes that are forbidden in society. This movie is leaked on Tamilrockers and also you can…


Writer 2021 Tamil Tamilrockers Movie Download

Writer 2021

Synopsis Writer – A police station journalist becomes entangled in an illegitimate custody issue involving an innocent PHD student. Will he be able to save the young guy despite his remorse and regret? A sincere effort that could have been bettered. Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5 Writer Tamil Movie Review Franklin Jacob, the film’s first director, takes some time to immerse the spectator in his universe, but once he does, Writer truly takes off. The film is about a flawed human being who is likewise stuck in this brutal system, rather than a…


Rocky 2021 Tamil Tamilrockers Movie Download

Rocky 2021

A bold, relentless depiction of the senselessness of violence. Rocky Review Before Arun Matheswaran, no one had ventured to show violence in such a violent way. The setting of the film inherently blurs the line between good and evil. It’s a demon vs demon battle, and we must support the lesser of two evils. The initial trailer for filmmaker Arun Matheswaran’s debut film Rocky featured a scene in which a parent weeps helplessly as his son is ruthlessly mutilated. The sequence felt completely barbarous, even bizarre because it was the…