TATA TIAGO CAR INSURANCE Cost and Best Coverage in 2023


TATA Tiago Car is a stylish hatchback with excellent ride quality, respectable refinements, and striking aesthetics. It is also TATA’s contemporary entrance into the compact car market and the recipient of several accolades for entry-level vehicles of the year.

TATA Tiago Car: Specifications

Tiago’s VariantsTiago XE, Tiago XM, Tiago XT, Tiago XZ , Tiago XZA and Tiago XTA
Engine DescriptionRevotron, MPFi with MULTI DRIVE and CRAIL with MULTI DRIVE Petrol and Diesel Engines
Engine Displacement1,199 cc and 1,047 cc
Maximum Power84.48 bhp@6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque113 Nm@3,300 rpm
Length x Width x  Height3,746 x 1,647 x 1,535 mm
Wheelbase2,400 mm
Fuel TypePetrol &Diesel
Seating Capacity5
Fuel Tank35 L
SuspensionFront-Independent Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with coil Spring, Rear-Semi-Independent; Twist beam with dual path strut
Brake SystemFront-Disc, Rear-Drum
Official TaglineIt’s FANTASTICO!
TATA Tiago Car Insurance

TATA Tiago Car Prices

The Tata Tiago costs differ according to the model, the area, and any extra features or packages. The Tata Tiago had a beginning price in India of around 4.70 Lakhs and a top-end version price of 6.99 Lakhs as of my information cut off in 2021.

Remember that prices are subject to change, so for the most recent information on pricing, I recommend contacting a Tata dealership or checking the Tata Motors website.

TATA Tiago Car Insurance Coverage

In the case of an accident or any occurrence covered by your Tata Tiago insurance, it is crucial to safeguard your car. The Motor Cars Act in India makes third-party insurance for all vehicles a requirement. This insurance covers any harm or loss you could cause while operating your Tata Tiago to a person, car, or piece of property.

You have the option to obtain comprehensive insurance in addition to the legally necessary third-party insurance, which covers damage to your own car as well as any third-party liabilities. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car, your driving record, the location of the vehicle, and the kind of coverage you choose will all affect the price of your insurance policy.

It’s a good idea to shop around and compare insurance plans from several providers to locate the one that best suits your requirements and price range. For further information and direction, speak with an insurance representative.

The law requires all vehicles to carry third-party insurance, often known as liability-only insurance, in order to operate on public highways. It covers property losses, fatalities, and injuries to third parties.

Comprehensive insurance or package coverage covers losses or damages to your automobile or its components brought on by unforeseen circumstances or man-made causes. It gives accidental coverage for the owner of the automobile while driving and also includes passengers, in addition to providing coverage for third-party legal obligations.

TATA Tiago Car Insurance: Add-On Covers

There are numerous add-on covers that you may purchase to supplement the required third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance for your Tata Tiago. Several typical add-on covers are:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: This add-on pays for components replacement without taking depreciation into account, which can assist reduce your out-of-pocket costs in the case of a claim.
  • Engine Protection Cover: This add-on pays for engine repairs if they are necessary as a result of one of the incidents it covers, such as flooding or overheating.
  • Personal Accident Cover: This add-on covers any harm or fatality the policyholder may suffer while operating the car.
  • Roadside Assistance: This add-on offers assistance in case of a breakdown or other emergency while driving, including towing or jump-starting the car.
  • No-Claim Bonus Protection: This add-on safeguards your no-claim bonus in the case of a claim, ensuring you keep the insurance premium savings.

When deciding which add-on covers to buy for your Tata Tiago, it’s crucial to carefully assess your wants and spending power. An insurance agent can assist you in choosing the optimum coverage for your unique needs by explaining the advantages and restrictions of each add-on cover.


TATA Tiago Car: Why Quick Insure?

A quick and easy option to buy insurance for your Tata Tiago is through the online insurance marketplace Quickinsure. With Quickinsure, you can quickly and easily evaluate insurance plans from several insurance companies, pick the one that best fits your needs, and buy your policy online.

You could think about utilizing Quickinsure for your Tata Tiago insurance for a number of reasons:

  • Convenience: Quickinsure enables you to compare insurance plans and buy protection from the convenience of your home, avoiding the need to go to an insurance agency or agent.
  • Competitive Pricing: Quickinsure offers insurance estimates from a variety of companies, allowing you to compare coverage and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • Broad Selection of Coverage Choices: Quickinsure provides a broad selection of coverage options, ranging from third-party liability insurance to comprehensive insurance with add-on covers. Your coverage may be customized to fit your unique demands and financial situation.
  • Easy Claims Process: Quickinsure makes it simple to file a claim and follow its progress online, which speeds up and simplifies the claims procedure.
  • Expert Support: Quickinsure gives you access to a group of insurance professionals who can respond to your inquiries and assist you in selecting the appropriate policy for your need.

Overall, Quickinsure provides a quick and easy method to get insurance for your Tata Tiago, with affordable rates, adaptable coverage options, and knowledgeable service.

TATA Tiago Car Review

The Tata Tiago is a small hatchback automobile that is admired for its fashionable styling, useful features, and reasonable price. When assessing the Tata Tiago, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Design: The Tata Tiago is unique in its class because of its contemporary, athletic appearance. It has a unique look because of its sharp lines and prominent front grille.
  • Comfort: The cabin of the Tata Tiago is roomy and well-appointed, making for a pleasurable driving experience. On extended rides, the supportive chairs provide excellent comfort.
  • Performance: A variety of dependable and efficient engine options, including petrol and diesel engines, are available for the Tata Tiago. It offers smooth riding, quick driving, and superb performance and handling.
  • Amenities: The Tata Tiago is well-equipped with features, including power windows, a rear-view camera, and a touchscreen infotainment system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Higher-end versions come with extra amenities including push-button start, automatic temperature control, and fog lamps.
  • Safety: With equipment like twin front airbags, anti-lock brakes, and seatbelt reminders, the Tata Tiago offers a respectable degree of security. Rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera are two additional safety features available on higher-end versions.

The Tata Tiago is an all-around tiny car that provides a fashionable exterior, a cozy interior, strong performance, and a number of useful amenities at a reasonable price. Anyone seeking a cheap vehicle that offers a nice combination of features and value should consider it.


TATA Tiago Car: FAQs

Following are some Tata Tiago-related questions that are commonly asked:

What is Tata Tiago’s pricing range?
The Tata Tiago has a starting price of around 5.39 lakhs and a maximum price of 7.99 lakhs (Ex-showroom, Delhi).

What types of gasoline are offered for the Tata Tiago?
Both gasoline and diesel engine choices are offered for the Tata Tiago.

What is Tata Tiago’s engine capacity?
Both a 1.2L gasoline engine and a 1.05L diesel engine power the Tata Tiago.

What is the Tata Tiago’s mileage?
The ARAI rates the fuel efficiency of the Tata Tiago at 27 km/l for the diesel engine and 23 km/l for the petrol engine.

What safety features does the Tata Tiago Car offer?
Dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, seat belt reminders, and a speed alert system are just a few of the amenities available on the Tata Tiago.

What is the Tata Tiago’s ground clearance?
The Tata Tiago has a 170 mm ground clearance.

How many passengers can fit in a Tata Tiago Car?
A hatchback with five seats is the Tata Tiago.

What is the Tata Tiago’s boot capacity?
The Tata Tiago’s boot holds 242 liters of cargo.

What shades of color are offered for the Tata Tiago?
There are various color choices for the Tata Tiago, including Granite Grey, Pearlescent White, Strom Grey, Pure Silver, and Sunset Red.

Has the touchscreen infotainment system been installed in the Tata Tiago?
Yes, the Tata Tiago has an infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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