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The Batman

The Batman Synopsis

The Batman is a deliciously dark Mindbender starring the caped crusader, who has never been more human. A heartfelt, extremely absorbing mystery thriller. The Cape Crusader is reborn in this brooding bat-noir.

The Batman Story

When a vicious psycho-killer strikes Gotham City, it’s Batman who comes to the rescue. But can he free himself and the others from this terrible monster, who will go to any length to punish the liars and expose the intricate network of lies and deception that has plagued the city for years?

Critic’s Rating: 4.0/5

The Batman Review

‘The Batman,’ in terms of plots and plotlines, is just a tale of wrongdoers fighting wrongdoers, but writer-director Matt Reeves captures your attention from the opening moment and never lets it go. In this Batman remake, we have a villain that is just as fearsome, if not more so, than the superhero, who is out to get corrupt. Because we, as the audience, are always unsure who to cheer for, this tension makes for an entertaining watch.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) is going about his heroic responsibilities, wearing a cape and a batman mask to save those in distress, but a horrifying murder of the local Mayor (Rupert Penry-Jones) shifts his priorities.

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Soon, more influential men are assassinated, and the plan thickens, as the perpetrator leaves cryptic clues for Batman to decipher with each murder. While doing so, the Riddler (Paul Dano) is uncovering dark and disturbing truths about two of Gotham City’s most powerful families, both of whom have a direct link to The Batman. As a result, it’s a really personal situation this time.

The Batman': Everything to Know About the Robert Pattinson Movie

It’s somewhat like Hollywood’s famous genre films like ‘Se7en’ or even ‘Saw,’ with scarcely a scene in the sunshine and a crazed serial murderer on the run who has inventive ways to kill.’

The villain is a vigilante whose name is kept a secret, but his motivation is clear: no more lies. Stopping him appears impossible, as he is one step ahead of the law enforcement and also the film’s hero, who is regularly called to the crime site by the investigating officer James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) much to the dismay of his colleagues.

The killings are less brutal and executed with greater refinement here, as the film proceeds towards a certain conclusion with each victim down. And despite some predictability, Reeves and his co-writer (Peter Craig) make sure they pump in enough story twists to keep the audience hooked.

Box Office: Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' Flies to Huge Opening – The  Hollywood Reporter

Some of them don’t seem very convincing, such as Selina Kyle’s (Zo Kravitz) track, which is textbook but not fully convincing.
The action unfolds in a natural and predictable manner. We get fistfights, explosions, and spectacular vehicle chases, including the Batmobile, all of which are offered in modest quantities to avoid being excessive.

The picture has a long runtime and little humorous relief because the darkness is uniformly distributed throughout, but we aren’t complaining. Before the big reveal, there’s enough suspense to keep you guessing.

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Even in the most severe situations, Robert Pattison maintains his calm, and it works. In the suit, he appears really stylish and strong, but he’s as vulnerable when he’s not wearing it, and he’s always gloomy. Pattison has a captivating personality that is difficult to ignore. As the slim and secretive Selina, Zo Kravitz does not disappoint, flawlessly blending into the Catwoman persona.

The Batman: Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves Confirm Exclusive New Details  About the Film | Den of Geek

Although Colin Farrell’s performance as Penguin is unrecognizable, he is the only one who provides some comedic relief among the film’s otherwise gruesome events. Paul Dano has all the makings of a frustrating wicked genius with the right intentions but the wrong tactics.

Reeves’ vision is conveyed through the bleak atmospheres of Gotham City, which play an important part in making the movie-going experience highly immersive. ‘The Batman’ has always been the intensely fascinating, violent thriller that it sets out to be. While it’s impossible to avoid parallels to Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ series, they’re also unjust. This is a stand-alone picture with all the elements of a delectably dark Mindbender starring the caped crusader, who is more human than ever before.

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