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The Contractor

The Contractor Synopsis

The Contractor – Chris Pine can’t seem to get out of this formulaic plot, no matter how hard he tries. The cast makes the film enjoyable despite its generic nature.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

The Contractor Story

A Special Forces sergeant (Chris Pine) takes on a private job after being involuntarily discharged in order to care for his family. A special forces sergeant is involuntarily dismissed from the Army and obtains a contract with a private underground military group. When his first deployment goes bad, the elite soldier finds himself on the run, caught up in a perilous plot, and battling to remain alive long enough to return home and discover the actual motivations of those who betrayed him.

The Contractor Review

James Harper is dismissed from the military after failing a drug test. He signs up as a contractor for a private group, based on the advise of his veteran buddy Mike, now that he is without healthcare coverage or a pension (Ben Foster). Unfortunately, when the mission goes terribly wrong, James is forced to fend for himself.

‘The Contractor’ is an unsatisfactory action film that is both predictable and not entirely unwatchable. The issue of abandoned veterans, which is central to James Harper’s moral dilemma, isn’t particularly new in Hollywood. At the very least, Chris Pine makes the best of the situation. He brings a lot of believability to the role, and his sequences with Ben Foster are particularly successful. Unfortunately, they don’t get much screen time together.

While they make every effort to develop a bond between their characters, an unavoidable storyline twist leaves a gaping vacuum. However, it’s only one of several flaws in the sloppy writing. The plot takes a long time to get started, and once it does, it rushes to tie up loose ends rather than making sense.

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Eddie Marsan plays Virgil in a brief but brilliant appearance in the supporting cast. Kiefer Sutherland’s no-nonsense veteran Rusty is as expected, but the picture could have used more of him. Gillian Jacobs is cast as James’ wife Brianne, who plays a traditional wife upset by her husband’s work and actions. Despite being the film’s most prominent female character, Jacobs is given very little to do.

The cast of ‘The Contractor’ is blessed with a desire to improve the material at hand. However, director Tarik Saleh doesn’t push them beyond the generic and predictable writing, which ultimately fails them and us.

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