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The Gray Man


The Gray Man is the Bourne meets Mission Impossible series without its fantastic score and flair. A ten for Ryan Gosling. The Gray Man is a Six, much like his character’s name.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

The Gray Man Story:

A liability is created when CIA hitman Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), working under the code name “Sierra Six,” discovers sensitive material that might expose the shadowy dealings of the spy organisation. The CIA employs another assassin, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), to eliminate Six as their top asset goes rogue. Who makes it through this global hunger game?

The Gray Man Review:

The movie “Gray Man” is about Gosling’s character Six, a kind man with a bad history. His actions are neither pure nor pure. He is both correct and incorrect. He is up against Lloyd, an outright villain with humorous overtones. When the evil guys in the CIA do awful things, the conflict between the good-bad guy and the bad man rages. They turn to something worse in order to cover up the unpleasant things. Read, employ clandestine methods to make amends. What happens is a fast-paced, heavily-armed cat and mouse game between the attractive man in tight trousers (Evans) and the attractive man in a tracksuit (Gosling). Remember that although tight pants lack ethics, tracksuits do.

gray man: 'The Gray Man' review: Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling starrer a must  watch on Netflix this weekend - The Economic Times

The two guys go on a frenzy, destroying everything in their path as they compete to outdo each other.
The filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo, well-known for their Marvel movies, are free to do as they choose. The difference between their heroes and the good superheroes who cannot harm a fly save for wicked aliens is that their heroes, although still indestructible, can now afford to commit collateral damage. The pair has opted to be as “grey” as they can be since they definitely feel liberated. Expect explosions, more bombings, fighting with weapons, pursuit scenes that are over the top, etc.

They appear to be particularly fixated on mercenary motifs involving asset retrieval. In their last Netflix movie, “Extraction,” starring Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda, a hitman had to flee while trying to save a kidnapped child.
By expanding the scope of this “grey vs. evil” conflict, they heighten the stakes. Their action thrillers outside the superhero domain feel a touch childish and lack the desire to develop compelling characters, while being exciting and occasionally even funny. The main goal is to continuously provide the audience with action set pieces. The best action moment in the movie takes place during a breathtaking tram sequence that has you on the edge of your seat.

However, after a time, it might get monotonous to watch the paper-thin figures circle the globe while feigning amusement. The film’s supposed high point, the bromance between Six and Lloyd, feels more goofy than threatening. Despite having two well-known and talented actors on board, the writing falls short. Without placing much emphasis on content, terms like ethics, morality, values, and corruption are casually bandied about. It’s hilarious to see Chris Evans with a moustache mouthing flirtatious dialogue to other men. He calls Dhanush “my hot Tamil friend” and refers to Gosling as “Ken Doll, adorable, cupcake.” He functions less as a madman on the loose and more as comedic relief.

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The Gray Man

In a key action scene, Dhanush stands out for his intensity. He makes a brief yet impactful guest appearance. Assassin Machine The snark and steely look of Ryan Gosling are a flawless 10. But the movie is a Six, just like his character. The Gray Man is the Bourne meets Mission Impossible series without its fantastic score and flair. But you could like this one if you don’t mind a mechanical action thriller. Given the grandeur, speed, and nature of this movie, a theatrical release would have been preferable even if Netflix invested a lot of money in it.

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