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Toolsidas Junior

Toolsidas Junior Synopsis

‘Toolsidas Junior’ will definitely win you over and leave you smiling as you leave the theatre. A touching story of a boy who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Toolsidas Junior Story

Midi (Varun Buddhadev) is a young child who is determined to conquer the challenges life throws at him in order to regain his father’s honor.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Toolsidas Junior Review

‘Toolsidas Junior,’ written and directed by Mridul, is a simple yet heartwarming film about a father-son friendship and their shared life ambitions. The audience is entirely engrossed in Midi’s adventure to become Toolsidas Junior for the majority of the 132-minute video. Unlike previous sports tales, his degree of commitment is driven by a young boy’s ambition to achieve what his father once dreamed for.

Toolsidas (Rajiv Kapoor) is a brilliant snooker player who proudly says that he “just plays for his son” in this 1994 film set in Calcutta. He wants to beat five-time champion Jimmy Tandon in a tournament (Dalip Tahhil).

Toolsidas promises his adolescent son Midi that he will bring the trophy home this time, but he loses the game. Midi sets out to perfect the game himself in order to achieve his father’s ambition, and this breaks the duo’s hearts. The next step is for the youngster to set a goal, but he has trouble finding a mentor. He also won’t be allowed to train with his father at the same club since ‘under-16’ is expressly banned. The young lad’s passion for the game leads him to join the YMC Wellington club, where he meets former national champion Mohd Salaam (Sanjay Dutt).

Rajiv Kapoor's performance in Toolsidas Junior is going to surprise  everyone: Ashutosh Gowariker | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

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Will Salaam, who is a hard nut to crack and doesn’t entertain anyone, turn out to be a ray of hope for Midi?
Despite the absence of commercial elements—action scenes, massy dialogues, and upbeat numbers—the screenplay by Mridul and Ashutosh Gowarikar (who is also the film’s producer alongside T-Series) appears to be unnecessary because this predictable sports drama manages to keep you hooked throughout even without them. The first half is fairly fast-paced since things in Toolsidas’ life happen swiftly, but the pace slows down after the intermission. Arijit Singh’s song ‘Udd Chala Badal Naya’ is calming and lingers with you long after the movie is ended.

The characters look to be actual individuals with plainly recognized characteristics right from the start. Varun Buddhadev, who plays Midi, is the film’s protagonist, and his performance as Midi is remarkable. He gives an authentic and engaging performance, brilliantly capturing the many emotions that his character experiences.

Toolsidas Junior trailer: Sanjay Dutt becomes Varun Buddhadev's snooker  coach in stirring sports drama

As Midi’s coach, Sanjay Dutt gives an intriguing performance. He gives the trainer’s job a Bollywood spin with punchlines such as “Jaundice ko Rajinikanth ka punch, Totta ko Mithun ka Disco King aur Kaalia ko Bachchan sahab ka complete chamaat.” The late Rajiv Kapoor’s final on-screen portrayal as Toolsidas, a passionate father who is an alcoholic, is promising. He has a significant part in the storyline despite his short screen time.

Midi’s older brother Goti, played by Chinmay Chandraunshuh, is annoyingly intriguing. He adds comedy to the issue by engaging in childish activities such as chaddi-throwing (rather than coin-tossing) to pick between two possibilities. Throughout the film, Dalip Tahhil retains the same winning look.
‘Toolsidas Junior’ will definitely win hearts and leave you with a grin on your face as you walk out of the theatre due to its honest performances and uncomplicated narrative.

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