Top 10 Best Zombie Movies List on Netflix to Watch Now

Zombie Movies on Netflix

Zombie Movies List on Netflix has a respectable collection of zombie movies, but it may be difficult for fans to know what to expect. So, for your watching enjoyment, I’ve done the grunt work and selected the finest zombie movies on Netflix.

Something like Santa Clarita Diet will be ideal for you if you prefer comedies. The Walking Dead will undoubtedly be preferred by die-hard zombie enthusiasts. I’m getting off topic, but I love the medium ground that Z Nation symbolises. Let’s go to the list now.

The Walking Dead (2010)

Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus

After 11 seasons, the well-known television series The Walking Dead comes to an end. Check out The Walking Dead on Netflix if you want to catch up on past seasons’ events or just want to enjoy a zombie movie.

The Atlanta, Georgia, setting of this 2010 film included a police officer learning about the zombie apocalypse. He has to struggle with locating his family as well as battling zombies.

Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy who recovers from a coma to discover a post-apocalyptic world ruled by flesh-eating zombies, is portrayed in the series by Andrew Lincoln. In his search for his family, he runs upon numerous other survivors.

(Watch The Walking Dead on Netflix)

Z Nation (2018)

Cast: Kellita Smith, Keith Allan, Russell Hodgkinson

One of the finest zombie films available on Netflix is Z Nation. You join a team of survivors as they attempt to get Murphy to California’s final working lab so they may harness his immunity to produce a vaccine. It’s campy and entertaining, but it’s also loaded with excellent action sequences and top-notch special effects.

There is a tonne of action, suspense, and humour in the programme. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s simply another mindless zombie romp; there are plenty of themes that will get you thinking about human nature, what makes us human, and how we respond to challenging circumstances.

The fact that there are just five seasons makes it one of my least favourite shows on this streaming service.

(Watch Z Nation on Netflix)

Black Summer (2021)

Cast: Jaime King, Justin Chu Cary, Christine Lee

Karl Schaefer and John Hyams are the creators of the American apocalypse drama online television series Black Summer. The first Black Summer episode aired as an episode of Z Nation’s fifth season. The show is a spin-off prequel to Z Nation. On April 11, 2019, the Netflix original series made its debut.

In the zombie apocalypse, Rose (Jaime King), a mother who has lost contact with her daughter, is the focus of the television series. The programme depicts a variety of individuals from all origins and with various personalities who are all attempting to reach safety.

The way Black Summer tackles the zombie menace sets it apart from the other programmes on this list. Black Summer, on the other hand, concentrates only on the zombies themselves, whereas most other games emphasise the human survivors and their battles for survival.

(Watch Black Summer on Netflix)

Top 10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix
Zombie Movies on Netflix

Cargo (2018)

Cast: Martin Freeman, Simone Landers, Susie Porter

Cargo is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a Netflix zombie movie. This new feature-length movie, which is based on a 2013 short film, is about Andy (Martin Freeman), his wife Kay (Susie Porter), and their little daughter Rosie. It is set in the Australian outback.

When Andy gets bitten by an infectious creature, what begins as a peaceful family road vacation quickly turns into a race against time. He searches for a caregiver for his young daughter in an effort to keep her safe before the infection transforms him into one of the undead.

It’s a tale that has been presented in numerous previous zombie movies. However, Cargo stands out from the competition thanks to its breathtaking photography, strong acting performances, and refreshingly original approach to the genre. It was directed by Yolanda Ramke, with co-writing credit going to Ben Howling.

 (Watch Cargo on Netflix)

Ravenous (1999)

Cast: Guy Pierce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette

Ravenous, a delightful revisionist take on the zombie outbreak film, is the movie of choice for those who enjoy their zombies with a side of black humour. It has a strong cast and an interesting music by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn.

Guy Pearce plays Colqhoun, a man who wanders into Fort Spencer, California, with a tale of being assaulted by Native Americans in the mountains as the film opens. When it is revealed that Colqhoun has been consuming human flesh, Captain Boyd (Jeffrey Jones) has reservations about Colqhoun’s account of events.

The Fort Spencer troops eventually come to the conclusion that something unusual is occurring in these woods after succumbing to Colqhoun’s cannibalistic tendencies.

(Watch Ravenous on Netflix)

Reality Z (2020)

Cast: Guilherme Weber, Jesus Luz, Ana Hartmann

One of the finest zombie films on Netflix is Reality Z, a Brazilian horror-comedy. Anyone who isn’t fond of blood and gore shouldn’t watch it, in my opinion. But if you want silly fun, the programme has lots of outrageous stunts and outrageous scenarios.

The television show is set in Brazil during a zombie apocalypse. When issues arise at the network headquarters, a television reality programme that has been filming in Rio de Janeiro is in progress. The contestant, who is a previous Miss Universe, runs hysterically out of the picture while the show’s host is questioning her.

From that point on, both the candidates and the team must quickly figure out way to leave the building to avoid being devoured alive. One of Reality Z’s appeals is its dark comedy.

(Watch Reality Z on Netflix)

Kingdom (2020)

Cast: Ju Ji-Hoon, Bae Doona, Kim Sungkyu

In the Korean historical drama Kingdom, a monarch passes away from an unknown sickness and later reanimates as a zombie. People throughout the kingdom start to transform into zombies as the illness spreads. Before the illness spreads and obliterates the human species, Crown Prince Yi Chang must discover a treatment.

Even though the movie is categorised as a zombie movie, there are very few sequences in which real zombies show up. Rather, there is a pervasive terror that permeates every scene: fear that everything around you may suddenly turn into a zombie; worry that even your own family members could be infected; fear that if you leave your house, you’ll be assaulted by zombies.

With its soundtrack and cinematography, Kingdom does a fantastic job at evoking this threatening environment. The eerie violin melody builds suspense throughout the whole movie, while the gloomy cinematography give it a unique, uncannily gorgeous appearance.

(Watch Kingdom on Netflix)

Zombie Movies on Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (2017)

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson

In the dark comedy Santa Clarita Diet, a family unexpectedly turns into… zombies. The programme centres on Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore’s Joel and Sheila Hammond as they negotiate their new life as the undead while attempting to avoid eating humans.

Santa Clarita Diet is hilarious and intriguing enough to see even if it may not be your average frightening zombie movie. Additionally, it’s a Netflix original series! If you want to see something different from the usual horror fare, this programme is worthwhile. It takes a humorous look at what it would be like if all of your family or friends turned into zombies at once!

(Watch Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix)

World War Z (2013)

Cast: Brad Pitt · Mireille Enos · Daniella Kertesz

World War Z, which stars Brad Pitt, is a suspenseful action drama with a hint of comedy. The movie, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies have taken over the whole earth, centres on Gerry Lane (Pitt), who is trying to identify the root of the infection in order to stop it from spreading.

He has to go across the world and confront some scary challenges in order to do this. While zombie movies frequently fall under the horror genre, World War Z is more of an action movie, which is a welcome change. If you’re searching for an entertaining adventure film that won’t make you want to stay up all night watching it, this is a fantastic option.

 (Watch World War Z on Netflix)

All of Us Are Dead (2022)

Cast: Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun

The zombie film All of Us Are Dead differs from others in the genre, but not because of its idea or the way it was filmed. Instead, the fact that this South Korean movie is set in a theatre makes it distinctive.

The story centres on a group of high school kids who must battle for their life after becoming trapped inside a movie theatre by zombies. The kids must band together to figure out how to get away from the zombie horde that has assembled outside because there are no grownups nearby to assist them (or save them).

(Watch All of Us Are Dead on Netflix)

Use a VPN to Access All the Best Zombie Movies list on Netflix

Be advised that not all of the aforementioned movies may be accessible on Netflix in your area. Netflix frequently limits movie titles based on geographic area due to licence concerns. Since we all pay the same prices, it’s sad.

Use a VPN to switch to a different location if you can’t find one of the titles mentioned above. Although it might get tedious, it gives you access to any Netflix area in the globe.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Zombie Movies on Netflix

Subscribe to a VPN service (I recommend NordVPN)
Download and install the app
Connect to a server where the movies you want are available
Open Netflix and search for your movie
Watch it!

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