Top 10 Most Viewed Ullu Web Series in 2022

Ullu Web Series

Ullu Web Series are becoming increasingly popular in India. In this article, we will present material relating to ullu web series searches, as indicated in the post title. We hope you enjoy our content and will tell your friends about it. The Ullu web series used to be known for being daring and adult. So, you’re on your own with them; we don’t suggest them for children.

In this article, I’ll offer the top 10 most viewed Ullu web series in 2022, which can be found on the Ullu App or Platform.

Ullu is the most popular OTT platform for Indian web series, featuring different languages and daring content. Ullu Ott Platform has grown in popularity due to the pornographic web series it offers; nevertheless, you will also discover other types of material on Ullu Ott Platform.

Charmsukh Chawl House

The story follows Rohit, a younger man who has been engrossed with the memories of a woman named Renu.

When his queen of desires involves his home, the narrative takes a new turn. For the sake of the story’s relaxation,

Will Rohit’s plan to acquire Renu come true, or will something unexpected happen?

With the help of J B, the collection is guided. Renu is played by Sneha Paul, Bhanu is played by Shabaaz Badi, Rohit is played by Nikhil Parmar, Meena Sharma is Bhanu’s mother, Ravi Parmar is Bhanu’s father, Rohit is played by Prabhakar Prasad Mishra and Rohit’s mother is played by Chaitali Jadhav.

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Ullu Web Series


Director – Jasbir Bijender Bhati
Sneha Paul – Renu
Dakshita Kumar – Ronit
Eshan Tiwari – Bhanu
Jyostna Trivedi – Snehal
Meenu Sharma – Mami

Riti Riwaj Water Wives

The web series’ two-part plot follows Bhagatram, a middle-aged villager who decides to marry for the second time despite though his wife (Shanta) is still living with him during a difficult era in rural India when water is scarce. Shanta feels obliged to do this because she is tired of completing all of her household tasks, the most important of which is walking for kilometres to gather water for her domestic operations.

Unfortunately for Bhagatram, his second wife (Veena) is killed in an accident, leaving him with little choice but to marry Maya for the third time, because Shanta does not want to do the housework again.

Ullu Web Series


Director – Ritesh Kumar
Sanni Singh – Shanta
Payal – Beena
Ankita Bhattacharya – Maya
Yugant Pandey – Bhagat Ram
Vipul Gupta – Prakash

Hotspot – Mail Trail

A Daring-Drama Web Sequence exists. Shruti gets an e-mail from a global information network confirming her appointment. Shruti is so excited about the new that she spends a limitless amount as processing value and also sleeps with her editor. Will this desire to meet wants, however, bring him satisfaction or will it lead to destruction?

Waqar Shaikh (Bhavesh), Arshi Khan (Shruti), Amit Dolawat (Jatin), and Amika Shail (Aleesha) feature as the main characters in the film. Watch the Hotspot internet collection only on the ULLU App.

Hotspot – Mail Trail Ullu Web Series All Episodes Streaming Now Online,  Actress Name Cast Story Review Trailer!
Ullu Web Series


Director – J B
Waqar Shaikh – Bhavesh
Arshi Khan – Shruti
Amit Dolawat – Jatin
Amika Shail – Aleesha

Palang Tod – Saas Bahu & NRI

Palang Tod (Saas Bahu & NRI) is a Web Series with a Bold Drama. When a wedding couple’s furious argument reaches a lonely mother-in-law, she seeks solace in a variety of ways. The wife’s NRI brother understands her desire for affection, but she succumbs to the mother-in-seduction. law’s What direction will this narrative take?

Palang Tod (Saas Bahu & NRI)

In this series, Rajsi Verma (Supriya), Paromita Dey (Payal), and Anil Bisnoi (Amit) play the key parts. Palang Tod is available only on the ULLU App.

Palang Tod Saas Bahu & NRI Ullu Web Series (2021) Full Episode: Watch  Online - Filmi tamasha
Ullu Web Series


Director – SSK
Rajsi Verma – Supriya
Paromita Dey – Payal
Anil Bisnoi – Amit

Ghapa Ghap

Ghapa Ghapa Ghapa It is a Hindi thriller film with a good narrative. When some burglars violently enter the residence, a lovely couple is enjoying their private time in bed.

The robbers apprehend both of them and demand money; however, when the demand is not satisfied, the husband is severely beaten, revealing the horrible reality. Is this correct? To learn more, watch this incredible short film on the ULLU App.

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Ullu Web Series


Director – Gaurav Kumar Bajaj
Pamela Mondal
Shashank Mishra
Ashish Sablawat
Nikhil Mehta
Sumit Gahlawat
Naveen Kumar


This series will be a hot series as well as a criminal thriller series, in which Abha Paul’s role is pretty great, and many other actors have worked in it. Now, all the upcoming new series of Ullu, as well as the hot series, will be released. It’ll be thrilling as well.

The viewers are excited to see the series because of the trailer, which created an extraordinary buzz among the viewers, making them want to watch the series in order to enjoy the amusement and enjoyment that the series provides.

Namkeen ( Part 2 ) ULLU Web Series Episode Review, Cast, Actress Real Name!
Ullu Web Series


Director – Manoj Giri
Worship Khanna – Rajveer
Aabha Paul – Bobby
Divya Singh – Aara
Rakshit Pant – Ismail
Jitendra Yadav – Manilal

Games Of Karma – Chhal

The new series begins with a female who walks into a beauty salon. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a hermitage after the proprietor of the parlous assisted some persons in kidnapping her. She is terrified and flees, but each hermitage claims that she is living in 2035, not 2020.

She refuses to accept that it is 2035, and as a result, she is subjected to a variety of hardships and is even assaulted by others in the hermitage. What is going to happen next? It’ll be fascinating to see.

Chhal (Games of Karma) Ullu Web Series Episode, Review, Star Cast Actress  Real Name Images
Ullu Web Series


Director – Praveen Hingonia
Himani Sharma – Chanchal
Paritosh Sand – Shree Pitaji
Vishal Singh – Iqbal
Kashif Khan – Govind
Kiran Singh – Lajwanti
Rahul Yadav – Sangeeta
Ram – Sarita
Priti Maurya – Pummy

Hotspot – Videshi Ishq

ULLU is back on the screen with Hotspot Videshi Ishq, a new hot and spicy web series. A middle-aged man falls in love with a charming immigrant in this web serial. Despite the fact that the premise is identical to past ULLU web series, they have presented this web series in a unique way.

Let’s take a closer look at this ULLU web series. In this post, we’ll go through the cast, release date, and review of Hotspot Videshi Ishq. But, before I critique the show, let me tell you about the tale.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq Ullu Web Series Episode, Review, Star Cast Actress  Real Name, Images
Ullu Web Series


Director – J B
Ashwin Kaushal – Sharad Babu
Shikha Batra – Sharad’s Wife
Nishant Kumar – Kranti
Neetu Maurya – Kranti’s Wife
Nataliea Khachatryan – Christie
Ruby Ahmad – Jazz
Ishan Tiwari – Golu

Gaachi ( Part-1)

This is the story of a tiny community where women are harassed on a regular basis. The males of this hamlet spend the night at the kotha rather than with their wives.

Molestation is prevalent in this community, which has a significant female population. Watch the Gaachi ullu web series, which is only accessible on the ullu app, to see if these women can answer this question.

Gaachi (Hindi Web Series) – All Seasons, Episodes And Cast
Ullu Web Series


Director – Jasbir Bhati
Veeir Chaudary – Vikram
Prajakta Dusane – Shalini
Lokesh Tilak – Virender
Garima Jain – Divya
Ankita Dave – Ratna
Priya Gamre – Maya

Client No. 7

This time, the series will be more exciting and thrilling since it will have some great names in leading roles. Leela Jumani and Ashmit Patel feature in the show. They are both well-known television stars who have starred in a number of movies and television series. The two stars will make their debut appearance in the Ullu Web Series. They have, however, done a lot of work in the television sector.

The series has several strong and amorous sequences that will raise the body temperature of viewers. Monika Lehri (Leela) is a character in the series who kills someone and then informs the police. When a police officer (Ashmit) arrives at her home, she confesses her crime, but he does not arrest her and instead hides the body himself. After that, he begins a sexual connection with Monika and continues to live with her. She left his house without his knowledge one day. What will happen next in the series will be revealed when you have finished viewing it.

Client No. 7 All Episodes ULLU Web Series Watch Online Star Cast And Crew -  NewZNew
Ullu Web Series


Director – Prashant Murli Gorey
Ashmit Patel – Inspector Pratap Singh
Leena Jumani – Moni
Sumit Manak – Raman
Parvesh Kumar – Landlord

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