Top 10 Best Must Watch Movies on Netflix 2022

Top 10 Must Watch Movies on Netflix 2022

Read the top 10 list of The Must Watch Movies on Netflix for 2022. Murder, mystery, and plenty of laughs are among Must Watch Movies on Netflix for 2022. The Adam Project is only one of Netflix’s originals, but there’s a lot more. (However, sure, that one as well.)

Netflix has long had a predilection for pipedream-esque business models, dating back to its beginnings as a monthly DVD delivery service. People were astonished and intrigued when the media business stated in 2017 that original material will make up half of its streaming collection. However, they followed through on their promises, investing $8 billion in commissioning and creating original programmes and films, and the rest is history.

Since then, Netflix has released a slew of highly praised films, including Oscar winners like Roma, Marriage Story, and Mank, to mention a few. We’ve had an equally fantastic 2022 on the platform so far, with titles like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Adam Project, and Munich: The Final Chapter.

Subscribers are kept amused by The Edge of War. Here are the finest movies Netflix has created so far in 2022, when you’re ready. Hustle isn’t available on Netflix until next week, so we’re cheating a little. We have, however, watched Adam Sandler’s new sports film, in which he portrays a basketball scout who is so Philly that he wears a Federal Donuts hoodie. You’re in for a treat, rest assured.

Must Watch Movies on Netflix

Jackass 4.5

Jackass Forever is exactly the kind of well-ordered anarchy that we needed earlier this year. So, when Jackass 4.5 debuted on Netflix, we were ecstatic to see that it included all (or at least the majority) of the content that didn’t make it into the theatrical cut.

Watch Jackass 4.5 | Netflix


A young lady wakes up to find that inebriated images of herself from the night before have gone viral on the internet. With no recollection of the events of the evening and her scholarship and reputation on the line, she must piece together the facts and clear her identity. This Indonesian criminal thriller is plenty of tension as well as insightful societal critique.

Photocopier' Ending, Explained: What Happened At The Party? How Did Suryani  Seek Justice? | DMT

This Is Not a Comedy

When a listless comedian’s stand-up career comes to a halt, he comes to a fork in the road. One path leads to pursuing a romantic interest with cosmic travel aspirations. On the other hand, a long-time friend asks him to help her start a family by becoming her sperm donor.

Review: This Is Not a Comedy, on Netflix is a resonating dark comedy

Munich: The Edge of War

Munich: The Edge of War is based on Robert Harris’ political novel of the same name, and it follows a young British political assistant who is tasked with obtaining a classified document from an old Oxford classmate who is now a German diplomat. As he travels through enemy lines to Germany ahead of the Munich Agreement, he bears responsibility for the fate of Europe and the globe. That is, if his old classmate is ready to shake hands.

Is Munich: The Edge of War a True Story? The Historical Accuracy

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With Bigbug, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the filmmaker of Amélie, takes on the dystopian sci-fi genre, set in 2050 amid a robot revolution. This dark comedy, which follows a group of suburbanites who are trapped inside their homes by their andraids, was well received by 2022 viewers.

Big Bug (2022) - IMDb

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Despite the fact that Texas Chainsaw Massacre has spawned a multi-picture series, this 2022 instalment is a straight sequel to the original 1974 film. Following a group of young people who want to start a company in Harlow, Texas, the hopeful teenagers will soon be forced to confront the town’s terrible history–and possible future.

Watch Texas Chainsaw | Prime Video

The Adam Project

Director Shawn Levy has a penchant for merging magical fiction with a familial touch, as seen by his work on Stranger Things and Night at the Museum. Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds feature in his new film, The Adam Project, which is a remarkable time-traveling thriller about a pilot (Reynolds) who must travel back in time and collaborate with his younger self to save his father (Ruffalo)–and the planet.

The Adam Project: Left netflix users baffled – Morningside Maryland

Operation Mincemeat

Did you know that during WWII, a Weekend at Bernie’s-style joke was pulled off? No? So, it’s time to turn on Operation Mincemeat. Operation Mincemeat is based on historical events and depicts two British intelligence agents’ effort to conceal the 1943 Allied invasion of Sicily during WWII by planting fake information on a dead man masquerading as a Royal Marines commander. Colin Firth, Kelly Macdonald, Matthew Macfadyen, Jason Isaacs, and others are among the cast members.

Operation Mincemeat: release date, cast, plot, trailer | What to Watch


The laws of gravity are frequently discussed in relation to romance. We are pulled to lovers and take the jump into love because of their gravitational attraction. But, in a world without gravity, what does love look like? This animated picture depicts two teens who discover one other in a world where everything appears lost after an explosion converts Tokyo into a floating anti-gravity island. This is a must-see for anime and fantasy aficionados both, directed by Tetsur Araki of Death Note.

Netflix's Bubble anime: Release date, trailer, voice actors, plot | ONE  Esports

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Ben Affleck appears as Tony Mendez, a CIA exfiltration expert entrusted with freeing six former staff members of the American embassy in Tehran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, in the 2012 historical drama Argo. What is his strategy? Travel to Iran as a Hollywood producer working on a film adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light, disguise the six captives as his Canadian film team, and successfully rescue them before anybody notices.

Argo Movie True Story - Meet the Real Tony Mendez and the 6 Americans

Affleck’s film transforms an odd but real narrative into a gripping drama fueled by assured direction, stellar acting, and superb editing. —Egan, Toussaint


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