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Twenty One Grams

Twenty One Grams Synopsis

Twenty One Grams – DySP Soon after a death in his family, Nanda Kishore is investigating a murder case. As he progresses, he is astounded to notice how certain linkages arise, implying that the case is also tied to his own life. A suspenseful thriller with a few surprises at the end.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Twenty One Grams Story

Two brothers are murdered on successive days, and DySP Nanda Kishor, who is dealing with his own family tragedy, is tasked with solving the crime. What will he do about it?

Twenty One Grams Review

When an investigator’s life becomes entwined with his case, it’s difficult to ignore his emotional engagement in the proceedings. 21 Grams, directed by Bibin Krishna and starring Anoop Menon, is a first film that tells a narrative in this genre, which is frequently explored in M-Town.

DySP (crime branch) Nanda Kishore is still reeling from the loss of a family member and is hesitant to take on the case of two siblings who were murdered. When he finally gets to work on it, he notices that the research is becoming increasingly interwoven with his personal life and hence complex. The movie is about how he solves the problems and his personal engagement in the process.

Twenty One Grams Review| പിടിതരാതെ മുന്നോട്ടുപോകുന്ന കുറ്റവാളി; ക്ലൈമാക്സ്  വരെ നീളുന്ന ട്വിസ്റ്റും സസ്പെൻസും; ഇതു സംവിധായകന്റെ സിനിമ: 21 ഗ്രാംസ് ...

There are enough of suspects, reasons, leads, and turns throughout the plot to ‘assist’ the viewer distrust most of the individuals on screen, while simultaneously trying to solve it all in their thoughts. It’s one of those movies that, on and off, gives you the impression that there’s a lot seething beneath the stoic surface when you observe the faces on screen. Even when not explicitly stated, the narration’s underlying melancholy lends a sense of gravity to the narrative. All of the actors have also contributed to the story’s emotional core.

On the other hand, the film’s often irregular pace may cause spectators to become frustrated. It’s probably kept this way to keep the audience on their toes, but it’s questionable that such an approach has produced the desired thrills, especially in the second half. The final reveal is intriguing, yet the events leading up to it for a few minutes lack the necessary degree of suspense. The film is recommended for those who enjoy slow-paced police thrillers.

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