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Vaaitha Synopsis

Vaaitha – An accident involving a man from a wealthy neighbourhood hurts a laundry worker. The rest of the movie is on the struggles he has getting justice in a caste-based society.
Watching Vaaitha, an emotive social drama, is recommended.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Vaaitha Review

Recently, a lot of filmmakers have made movies that are quite outspoken against social injustice and caste differences. While some tales spark conversation, others have a profound impact on us. Vaaitha, the latest film by Mahivarman, falls somewhere in the middle. The life of an innocent laundry worker and his family is affected negatively by the legal system’s flaws in this heartbreaking tale of injustice.

An accident occurs at the beginning of the movie, in which Appusamy (Mu Ramasamy), a senior laundromat employee, is hurt. A local politician suggests that the family of the accident victim, Anbazhagan, a member of a wealthy neighbourhood, sue him for damages. Anbazhagan and his father Muthusamy are hesitant to even attempt an amicable resolution because the victim is a member of an oppressed group. Even police officers harass the elderly man’s son Vicky (Pugal Mahendran) without cause when they file a bike theft complaint against Appusamy. Appusamy and his family are thus forced to battle for justice in court. However, the persons engaged in the case’s avarice and caste pride made their lives miserable.

Despite the plot’s seeming simplicity, the author’s concept to use a straightforward accident to discuss caste issues deserves praise. From the very first scene, he crafts a series of events that are natural and never feel out of place.
The writing is so excellent that it causes us to feel sympathy for the main character, who falls prey to the vices in our society. The only issue here is that it takes some time for us to adjust to the environment he creates. There are too many people introduced, some of which, like Nassar’s character, have no purpose. Thoughts that Nassar’s persona might provide some insight on Appusamy’s life are unfounded.

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The narrative’s flow is broken by the forced relationship between Pugal Mahendran and Powlen Jessica. Powlen Jessica, though, gives a really strong performance and fully inhabits her part. While the majority of the casting is done flawlessly, there are numerous spots where the lip-sync is absent, therefore the producers could have paid more attention during post-production.
We feel a lot of emotion at the dramatic scene as Appusamy emotes in front of the camera. It’s a fantastic concept to present the parallel stories of a deaf and dumb lady and her grandchild. This social drama is worth seeing because of the appropriate photography and soundtrack, which even elevates a couple passages to the next level.

In this film, Mu Ramasamy, who was previously seen in KD in a humorous part, plays a completely intense and serious role.

He is remarkable and has fully lived up to the role.

Naasar performs a passable job in his cameo role as an attorney.

Although the relationship between Pugazh Mahendran and Pauline Jessica has worked out nicely, several scenes may have been cut out since they interfere with the narrative.

The scenario and events have been maintained as realistic as possible by director Mahivarman CS.

He scores during the dramatic climactic scenario. It’s excellent music by Logeshwaran C.

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