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Vadhandhi Review of The Fable of Velonie: SJ Suryah and Sanjana’s suspenseful drama shines a mirror to society

Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie, directed by Andrew Louis, is a complex investigative thriller that addresses sexual assault, character assassination, and the impact of rumors. According to our evaluation, Velonie demonstrates how society discriminates against women through great performances.

What qualities mark a quality investigative thriller? Every episode ends on a cliffhanger, which keeps viewers interested in the plot and its dramatic finale from the very first episode. Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie, directed by Andrew Louis, checks all these criteria and then some. In demonstrating how society is consistently against women, the eight-episode series puts up a mirror of society.

Velonie (Sanjana), who is in her late teens, had a difficult upbringing. A film crew discovers her mortal remains one day in the open space where they were scheduled to film. Velonie is initially mistaken for Mamta, an actress, by the film crew and police. But they quickly realize it’s Velonie.

The murder investigation is given to SP (Superintendent of Police) Vivek after the Madurai court rules suo moto. But it’s not so easy in this scenario. Vivek ultimately captures the culprit after several detours. But is he happy that he was able to crack the case and bring Velonie’s murderer to justice?

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Andrew Louis, the director, tried his utmost to create suspense from the outset. We are drawn into the world of Vadhandhi, where we are moved by the brutal murder of Velonie. She wasn’t raped, according to her post-mortem report.

But once she passed away, the media coverage was so degrading that it only covered her affairs. According to Vivek, character assassination is the reason Velonie did not find happiness while she was alive and is still causing her suffering now that she has passed away.

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A few of the discussions in the show are ideal for both society and entertainment. The truth always walks, while the rumors fly, Vivek explains in one moment. And in real life as well as the show, it is accurate. Velonie falls victim to false information, and she isn’t even around to fight it.

The program does a good job of keeping our interest for the most part because every episode finishes on a cliffhanger. But by Episode 5, the show starts to drag a little. The introduction of several sub-plots serves only to confuse the viewer. Consequently, beyond a certain point, it gets challenging to follow the plot. Additionally, the show becomes predictable at the conclusion.

But Andrew Louis deserves praise for bringing up issues like poor parenting, trauma, sexual abuse, and flaws in the legal and police systems.

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SJ Suryah and Sanjana both provide outstanding performances in Vandhandhi. We are intrigued by their character arcs and want to know what happens to them, thus they keep us interested. That’s likely where the show’s success resides. Laila plays the character of a stern mother with a variety of undertones. We believed her when she pretended to be innocent. Vivek Prasanna consistently excels in every role he takes on. Additionally, Aruvi Balaji’s part deserves special attention.

If Vandhandhi had been a little bit shorter, it could have worked better. Because each episode lasted around 50 minutes, it was difficult to view all of them at once.

Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

the Vadhandhi headed by SJ Suryah The 53rd International Film Festival of India featured a screening of The Fable of Velonie. On December 2, the show will make its Amazon Prime Video debut.

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