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Writer – A police station journalist becomes entangled in an illegitimate custody issue involving an innocent PHD student. Will he be able to save the young guy despite his remorse and regret? A sincere effort that could have been bettered.

Critic’s Rating: 3.0/5

Writer Tamil Movie Review

Franklin Jacob, the film’s first director, takes some time to immerse the spectator in his universe, but once he does, Writer truly takes off. The film is about a flawed human being who is likewise stuck in this brutal system, rather than a great officer who fights injustice from the start.

This is one of the films that discuss the necessity for a police union and the protagonist’s efforts to get it. The video begins by giving us an overview of the police agency and the politics behind each case. Thangaraj (Samuthirakani) attempts to resolve a small case in an unjust manner in the first scene, with the goal of lowering the crime rate at his station. You can download this movie on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

On the other hand, he also requests the court to organize a police union. He becomes entangled in an unlawful custody issue that rips him off with remorse as a person with his own moral balance.

Writer: Pa. Ranjith, Samuthirakani's movie gets censored! Tamil Movie,  Music Reviews and News

When Devakumar (Hari Krishnan), a Ph.D. student at Madras University studying sociology, gets caught up in the smell of things while looking for material for his thesis. Devakumar is imprisoned as a casteist Deputy Commissioner pulls the strings to defend himself in an old case. Things take a turn for the worst when Thangaraj intervenes, and the climax is what happens to Devakumar and the police officers involved.

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The writer has good intentions, but it deviates in several areas, preventing us from having a fully immersive experience. The video discusses a number of concerns in the police department, however, it just touches on them briefly and does not go into depth on any of them.

Writer Trailer unveils the plight of a close-to-retirement police official!  Tamil Movie, Music Reviews and News

For example, there is a flashback concerning Ineya, which is a big flaw in the story. The sequence in which her character, Saranya, a police trainee, rides the horse to make a bold statement against casteism and hierarchy, though, is admirable. Parts of Jacob’s writing are rather strong. The picture, though, has a lot of potentials to be great, but it falls short in key areas. The second half’s writing may have been better. Download this movie on Tamilrockers Movie Download.

The film’s main strength is Samuthirakani’s performance. The sequence in which he expresses regret is beautiful and poignant. Antony, who plays Raja, an ex-convict who works at the station tending to the police officers’ needs, has done an outstanding job. To a considerable degree, his one-liners work and elicit laughs. In the film, Maheswari plays Samuthirakani’s wife and does an excellent job. Not to mention, Hari Krishnan’s portrayal of an innocent student caught up in the quagmire is one to see. He has performed admirably.

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The depiction of police brutality in films is nothing new, but this film takes a novel approach by allowing viewers to meet both good and bad cops in the department.

Govind Vasantha, the composer, merits special recognition since his music elevates the screenplay. Other technological parts should have been improved, especially when dealing with such a harsh story.
The writer clearly has good intentions and is trustworthy when it comes to the matter at hand.

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